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The Besty of Etsy: Meli-Melon.

Oh, this Etsy shop has some very yummy items.  And that is saying a lot considering the number of particularly yummy items that are for sale on Etsy.

My heart melts for Meli-Melon. And I think yours will too. Yes, the clothes are truly delightful. As you can see.

But its the story behind the clothing line the tickles my crafty little ole heart.

You see, my friends, these gorgeous goodies for girls sprung out of the very clever brain of Gemma Antelo.  Gemma was born in that magical Spanish city, Barcelona–where Gaudi architecture springs to life along with its citizens.  Gemma gave her stressy job as a freelance designer the heave ho after her second daughter was born. And as many a mama will do, she thought of her own childhood.

I think Gemma should tell you the rest of the story:

“When I was a little girl, I spent hours looking how my mother was sewing dresses for my older sister and me, every single dress was special, unique and made with lots of love. She left us five years ago and then I became the new owner of her sewing machine and her vintage fabrics collection, so I start sewing my own handmade dresses for my 2 daughters. Every finished dress, I remember of my mother and how proud she would be.”

And she is kind enough to share her joyful creations beyond her beautiful two girls. And that’s a really yummy thing.

Oh, and she has a fabulous pad too. Check out this dishy interview with Ms. Gemma on Bloesem Kids.

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7 Responses

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  1. betsy says

    super cute! Love the name too.;)

  2. RocketGirl says

    Oh. Em. Gee. The blue pinafore with the Peter Pan collar? That big red flower? GORGEOUS.

  3. Yvette Claire says

    Lovely clothes! Oh how I wish I was 6 again!

  4. Alix says

    Ayiiiiiiiii!!! I love all of these!!!!! So fabulous.

  5. RocketGirl says

    I couldn’t resist the red flower. I bought my niece a future RocketBaby hand-me-down!

  6. Dottie says

    A wise choice, Jody. That is a terrific gem of a dress. I love the striped clam diggers in particular!

  7. Flavia @ Petit Eco KIDS says

    gorgeous! love the colours, love the fabrics, love the designs!!

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