I’m going to London…

Well, things have been very crazy in my life recently, so I thought I would add to it with a little off the cuff trip to London. Actually–not too off the cuff, as I was actually planning it for June, but then my Dad got sick and well, you know the rest.

I actually spent a year after college on BUNAC working in London and had the best time of my life. I was always such an anglophile when I was growing up that I was obsessed with Queen Elizabeth and anything British for ages, reading everything by the Bronte sisters and Jane Austin. And tons of other misc. books that I could find based in London–like Noel Streitfeld’s Shoe book series or the adventures of Paddington Bear.

So, between the nuttiness of TikiOasis and a fun little camping jaunt with Eric and the Peach, I packed to go to London and am hopping on a plane tonight.  I’m going to stay with my darlingest friend, Jennifer Otter, who I’ve written about in the past here and we are going to have a blast doing some day trips and visiting.

But I will leave you with this dandy little video featuring Lucille Ball dancing with mods in London called, “Lucy in London”.  The marvelous Karen Finlay hipped me to it and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

Any ideas of where to go and what to do? Lemme know!


4 thoughts on “I’m going to London…

  1. Fun! I’m sure that was Twiggy sitting at the table with the cropped blonde hair. The other girls looked familiar too. Go to Fortnam and Mason’s for afternoon tea. You may need reservations. Its an experience! Have a great trip.

  2. YES LONDON! I do lots of vintage shopping while I was there. A bit spendy and EVERYTHING said made in california – wah wahhh but I have a few favorite stores
    POP http://www.pop-boutique.com 6 Monmouth St.•Covent Garden•London WC2 9HB

    I think this store is right up your alley, they sell vintage AND their own vintage inspired line. They SAY they sell them online but they DONT and their own clothes are MOD and FUN.

    Go to Liberty – they have a section of the store that is DESIGNER VINTAGE – so spendy but it is like a museum. The Haberdashery floor is amazing and they sell liberty fabric like it was JoAnns.

    Camden has tons of Vintage in the Market but it reminds me of Melrose Ave in the 90s.
    V&A Museum is my favorite too. SO MUCH love for london!

  3. Thank you for sharing these nice tips. I am going to London in october and I really wants to find some vintage clothes for myself this time! Nice blog with so much inspiration

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