It’s the 3rd Annual Modern Kiddo Costume Parade! {Cool Homemade Costumes!}

Step right up folks, it’s time for the Modern Kiddo Costume Parade! We said wanted to see yer best homemade costumes—the good, the bad, the semi disastrous. And you delivered! Of course I should have known that Modern Kiddo readers don’t play the Craft Fail game and ya’ll turned it out with some spectacular costumes (I mean, I can’t lie. I was secretly hoping to see some goofy fun disasters just to make my non-sewing butt feel better). Take a look at some of these fantastic creations. Seriously you guys….these are all amazing.

Mama Jocelyn (from Etsy shop The Nesting Spot) crafted up two of the most adorable ensembles EVERRRRR. First up, sweet little Audrey as Red Riding Hood. This is one costume I never tire of. And Audrey is kind of the cutest thing around.

But wait til you see her brother Josiah….as Sherlock Holmes!!! I die.

Last year we featured sweet little Olive as a sassy Pirate Girl.  This year her mama Greta (from did it again with this darling rainbow. If this doesn’t make you smile, you have a heart of stone people!

I don’t know what is cuter….the fact that this little one’s name is Marlo Pearl, or the fact that she is a dressed as Mary Poppins!!

Mama Lindsay sent us this adorable photo of her little man Greyson…I think he’s the cutest gnome around!

Little Murphy’s mum Maren (greenhearts, red balloons) made him  a super cute outfit for his first Halloween. He is dressed as the Prince of all Cosmos from Japanese game Katamari Damcy. I’m not familiar with the game but I think he looks pretty darn cute!

Miss Beatrice Bird is a favorite around these parts (you can see when she was our Weekly Kiddo over here!) and last year she went as a sassy, spunky Mermaid! Her mama Natalie  created these mermaid costumes for both her girls. Ariel would be proud!

Kristen, (from the amazing shop The Robot Parade for Kids), is seriously so clever and creative. It wasn’t enough that her lil’ man Eli went as a tiny MacGyver….(oh yeah…)

but then last year he went as Transformer, Optimus Prime! The best part is that it actually transformed. Kristen told me, “People loved it and he got extra candy for transforming at some stops!” Go Eli!

While we’re on the theme of transportation, check out the adorable Griffin in his deluxe firetruck! I love the susenders holding up the “car”. His mama Toria is a great pal of mine and you’ll love her tumblr, tiny reads.

As your child gets older, you have less and less control over what they will wear. You want something quirky and conceptual, they want to be Spider Man. Unless of course your child is a budding drama star like Lisa-Garbrielle (of Jungle Dream Pagoda) daughter Ruby. Miss Ruby loves dressing up and counts Holly Golightly, “Gothedy-Anne” and Miss Transylvania among her favorites!

One of Wolfie’s best buds is Miles….both of them are obsessed with Angry Birds, so that’s exactly what Miles went as last year! Mama Lynn (of MizLandry fame) whipped together this avant-garde interpretation and I just love it!


Super heroes are also a popular theme with the little lads, and talented mama Briana knew her boys would flip for these.  Young Lucas helped pick out the fabric for his Hawkeye (from the Avengers) ensemble. Briana says he not helped design it,  and consulted every 20 minutes, while she sewed (“Make it work, mama!”). His brother Jackson makes a fierce Lego Ninjago “Kai DX” too. [Mother’s of young boys under 5, this will allllll make sense in a few years. Trust me.  😉 ]

Tammy’s little girl Gia is not only stylish (she of the polka dot Flamenco shoes!) but she is a total performer….I love a little girl who isn’t afraid to go the non-princess route! This mummy is a scream! She can be my ghoul friend any day! OK OK…..that’s a wrap…..hyuck hyuck.

This next one kills me. Baby Jane went as…..her DAD! Mama Jill explained, “Everyone always mentioned how much she looked like her daddy, so that’s exactly who she dressed up as! We used eyeliner for her goatee, I cut out a Miller Lite logo from a beer case and pinned it to a tiny ballcap, put her bottle in a koozie (in place of a beer) and even clipped a toy iphone to her belt loop. Everyone at the party thought it was hysterical!” OK, I’m totally dying too!!

I love when people get clever with the materials they use for their costumes. Check out these cute Jelly Belly girls! We saw them at a local parade and I loooved it! A clear plastic bag and mini balloons! Genius!

Groove meister Graham made this sweet robot get up all by himeself with a hot glue gun and all kinds of goodies from the Dollar Store. My fave item? One of those silver sun shields for the windshield of the car. CLEVER!!

This little miss (also from our parade day) came as the cutest sushi I ever did see….packing peanuts as rice? A red plastic bag with a Kikkoman print out on it as the soy sauce?? PURE GENIUS!

Crafty mama Stephanie May came up with these super cool boxes of candy for her three cuties. I’m a sucker for a costume made out of a box! You can see more on her blog, may dae.

Mama Shelley made this Owl costume for her daughter Lindsay Jane  from a Simplicity pattern….wow! So impressively cute! (Lindsay Jane is the sister of Graham, our groovy DIY robot up there!)

Miss Dottie I hope you’re sitting down for this one….not only are Elizabeth’s two cuties dressed as Mary and Laura Ingalls, their names are Daisy & Rosebud. Lemme here ya say it girl, “Squeeee!” Find mama Elizabeth at sugar petite.

Last year, Suzy blew us away with her costume that featured her babe Oscar as Max (from Where the Wild Things Are) and herself as THE BOAT! (check out last year’s post here). This year little Oz wanted to go as Handy Manny and Suzy did a terrific job of making an original outfit that was cute but true to the character!

I don’t usually feature grown ups, but since Suzy was that amazing boat last year, I had to share her “preggo” costume….she went as the sun and constellation and her hubs went as Gallileo! I love it! Sooo clever and cute.

Suzy also snapped this one for me….I think it’s hysterical!

Another Modern Kiddo All Star is little Billy. His mum Gabrielle sent us pictures last year and he immediately earned a spot as a Weekly Kiddo! (you gotta see this cutie, here) Every year they do amazing costumes and last year didn’t disappoint! Check out Billy as a stylish dracula and his two lovely sisters as Dorothy and the cutest little spider you ever did see!

This entry is from a special reader in the UK….little Gwennan! Her mother Ceri is a wiz when it comes to crafting up costumes for her little cutie. Just check these out—all handmade by the talented Ceri! So fabulous!

I will say that there was a SPECTACULAR Snow Girl (aka Lady Snowman) but I’m going to share that with you as we get closer to the holidays!

OK. Our final two belong in the “I Can’t Believe You Got Them To Wear That!” category!

First up, our sweet friend Sasha. Another Modern Kiddo favorite, this little girl has crazy cool style. She is also, apparently, fearless. Last year she was a genius Eddie Munster while her uncle was an awesome Uncle Fester. But this year they went for a Batman theme (with genius mama Inessa sewing up all the costumes). Sasha was cat woman, her brother Nini went as the Joker….and her uncle as the most terrifying penguin ever!!!

(Inessa said that the mask was NOT her favorite part! haha…)

They look incredible, the detail is spectacular! But i’m telling you, Wolfie would have flipped his lid over that penguin costume (and not in a good way! haha). Inessa is really talented. You can find her over at the stylish Diaper Style Memoirs.

And finally….we have Michelle’s entry. Her little two year old cutie patooty Riley dressed up as none other than Lady Gaga. And not just any Lady Gaga mind you….BEHOLD….the Meat Dress Gaga!

Call me crazy but she manages to make the meat dress look totally adorable. Michelle is a crafty thing and had this to say, “I am ALL about homemade costumes! And I love Halloween! We called her Baby Gaga and everyone thought it was pretty hysterical. Even my husband’s 90 year old grandmother even knew who she was!” See more of sweet Riley and her sister Macey over on the cute blog hey peanut.

SO there you have it. WHEW! I’m exausted. AMAZING stuff my friends! And if you submitted a costume and don’t see it here, please let me know! I’m happy to add to the parade!

97 thoughts on “It’s the 3rd Annual Modern Kiddo Costume Parade! {Cool Homemade Costumes!}

  1. Fantastic! I’ll send you this year’s costume (less impressive than last year’s, but still fun) as soon as I can get both kiddos together and dressed up… and NOT at dinnertime!

  2. Thanks so much for including Jane (and her daddy) in the parade! I was so thrilled to see it that I even woke Chris up to show him (it’s midnight here)! Now I have to get back to work on this year’s costume. We’ve got a party tomorrow, and Jane’s wig isn’t going to weave itself!! 🙂

  3. Oh, this makes me feel like such a slacker mom! I purchased Ingrid’s little red riding hood cape off etsy, and found Otis’ giraffe costume at a consignment shop. No homemade goodness for these Liddles, but I love to see the awesomeness that other moms think of!!!

    And as for boxes as halloween costumes, my cousin made me a box of popcorn costume for 4th grade. it was awesome.

  4. Thanks for including us, Alix! (Oscar wanted to let you know that he wasn’t Bob the Builder though. He was “Handy Manny.”) What talented momma readers you have!!! I loved the little Lady Gaga. How funny!

    1. DRAT! I knew that! I was typing late at night…I fixed it. Sorry Oscar! (as the mother of a little boy who loved that show too, I know there is a BIG difference between Handy Manny….haha)

  5. Oh thanks for squeezing us in Alix. Gwennan will squeal when she gets back from school. What a thrill. I loved all the costumes, especially the rainbow and Baby Gaga. Spectacular. Happy Halloween everyone!
    Ceri x

    1. We do our Costume Parade every year! Feel free to send them now but we’ll wait til posting til October. WE LOVE seeing new creative ideas! xo

  6. I saw a little Einstein last year! He was about 2 years old with crazy white hair, adorable little ‘stache, wing collar shirt with black suit and dark tie! He also carried a balloon with E=MC²! Soooooo extremely adorable!!!

    1. I just came on to ask the same thing! My two year old has been telling everyone that she is going to be a rainbow for Halloween, and Grandma and I can’t figure out the best way to make it. Help please!!!

  7. Will you make costumes for people?? Ive really been wanting to get my little girl a rainbow costume and I loooooove this one! The other ones out there are not cute at all. Let me know please! Thanks!!

    1. Hi there! Not sure if you read the post, but we didn’t actually create all these amazing costumes. These were submitted by our readers, who made them for their own kiddos!

  8. What a fantastic group!! I’m including two of these in a 13 for Halloween: Handmade Costumes roundup on my blog this week. Since I can’t find the orginal source of the rainbow and mary poppins, I’m just including the pic from here and linking back to this page. Thanks so much for sharing such fun inspiration!

    1. Aw how cute! Maybe use red girl’s boots for footwear….a touch of sparkle (red sequin wrist bands…just buy that stretchy red sequin elastic trim at the fabric store!). If she is reeeally concerned about looking like a boy (and isn’t a spidey purist) then something like this is kind of charming:

      Let us know what she ends up deciding!!

  9. Ok, I am clearly super late to the party, but is there a pattern or tutorial for that rainbow costume anywhere? I must have it. So. Stinking. Adorable.

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