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It’s the Vintage Kiddo Retro Round Up!

Oh three day weekends are so wonderful.  I love having that extra day to hang out with the family. And I even managed to spend two hours tackling the evil attic craft lair, which I will share with you one day… But before I start up the BBQ, I wanted to share some grand Memorial Day treats with you all. And I must admit, I have some outstanding ones today.

You know I love nothing more than a good matching mother daughter outfit. Well, check it out–a matching vintage mother/daughter outfit!!! GAAHHH!!! Insert head exploding sound.  From Ebay seller, Attic*Fanatics.

Whoever said BINGO couldn’t be fun? Not I! Especially when it comes in such a charming box like this where the family playing it is seen peeking through the curtains. Adorable! From Scout Dry Goods.

When I saw this little vintage HealthTex bit of cuteness I actually gasped. Farming? Little shovel? Stop it! You are killing me HealthTex! From Etsy seller, Mama Fabun.

ZOMG! I loved these games as a kid! Go Milton Bradley Waterfuls!  There was always one in the pediatrician’s office.  From Etsy seller, Topsy’s Attic.

The Littlest has this little vintage two piece set listed as a “Spoonful of Sugar” because it is so darn sweet.  Who am I to protest with that?

We all love vintage Fisher Price, right? Well, feast your eyes on this vintage gem–the parking garage with a starting bid of $9.99.  Remember how we all thought it would be so cool to work in a parking garage because of this game? Yeah!  From Ebay seller, Lilfoxys.

Now that it is after Memorial Day, you can start wearing white shoes, right?  Well, check out these wee cuties from Etsy seller, Hart & Sew.

Speaking of wearing white, check out this adorable nautical ensemble for a baby!  I think this would be a wonderful item to put a little baby boy in for a summer wedding.  SO CUTE! Great find, 3 Ring Circus!

Does anyone else remember these Morgan books? I don’t remember much about them other than that I LOVED them. Anyone? From Etsy seller, Treasure Hunt Vintage.

I think these might be the perfect little lounging about capri pants for a little girl. Imagine them with red salt water sandals and a plain white puff sleeved t-shirt. And BAM–baby summer perfection! From Etsy seller Oliver’s Forest.

Check out this sweet vintage kids suitcase. Perfect for that first overnight trip to Grandma’s house! I also love using vintage luggage for additional storage too.  Cute and handy!  From Etsy seller, Cheeky Vintage Closet.

Oh and of course, I saved the best for last. I remember LOVING magazines when I was a kid.  Although I only had one subscription (to World Magazine, of course) I always read my brother’s Bananas and Dynamite magazines. And good gravy–this Dynamite/Bananas collection offered by Etsy seller, Rigamarole includes five of perhaps the best issues ever featuring on the cover–Battlestar Galactica, Happy Days, Suzanne Somers, Jaclyn Smith, and a special double issue incudling Superman/Christopher Reeves and Dolly Parton.  I know. I know. It’s almost too much to take.

Happy Memorial Day, friends!


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  1. lishyloo says

    those magazines!!!! that fisher price garage!!

  2. Jennifer says

    Such a fun post! Thank you for the mention!
    Jennifer (OliversForest)

  3. pilgrim says

    oh i’ve never seen the ‘morgan’ books before, but i have ‘serendipity’ and ‘flutterby’ by the cosgroves! D loves reading them still 😀

  4. Sarah says

    Oh yes I loved the Morgan books, well I loved my two I read them to death literally. I had Morgan Morning and Morgan Mine the first one was where he first wandered off and found himself lost in the magical land and turned from a normal brow foal to a unicorn. Ahh nostalgia.

  5. Jody says

    ZOMG! The parking garage! My brother had one and we LOVED it.

  6. Beth says

    The matching mother/kid outfit is adorable.


  7. jo says

    love that fisher price vintage garage

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