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Well hello! It’s time for another visit to the Vintage Bookshelf. Today’s is especially appropriate because Dottie and I are Guest Curator’s over on ETSY today! I have to tell ya it was so much fun. We used vintage kid’s books as our inspiration and the collections are really playful, if I do say so myself! Oh and HELLLLLO Etsy peeps, if you found us via our post! We’re so glad to have you stop by!

OK, back to our featured illustrator. I’ve already showed you one of my favorite Art Seiden books (The Romper Room Book of Manners, doncha know) and this one is equally as fabulous—but the characters are a little less “young” in style. Less rounded. A little more classic storybook. Which is very appropriate, seeing as this is a book of fairytales! Take a look:

All aboard the S.S. Fairyland! Incredibly cute….

I’ve always been amused by Puss in Boots (long before Shrek, of course) and this little guy doesn’t disappoint.

The story is integrated into the image, which makes for a lovely experience.

Talk about dainty footies!

So there you have it! Don’t forget to stop by Etsy today to check out the Modern Kiddo Guest Curator column….I have one more post for today, so I’ll see ya’ll this afternoon!


12 thoughts on “Kiddo Bookshelf :: The Big Book of 60s Fairytales

  1. hooray, i love this!!!!!! i just *happened* to see the guest curator spot on etsy first, and oh my! you ladies outdid yourselves!!!!! such a cute idea!!! i remember seeing some recent items that you ‘faved’ in my activity, and i was like… hm… what is she up to!

    adorable, congrats!

    1. Thanks sweet girlie! Yes, we had all these cute things bookmarked and were trying to make some sort of sense out of them, theme-wise. So glad you liked!!

  2. I’m new to your blog (from Etsy) and I love it – you’ve created something really unique and fun! 🙂 Alix, I am dying to know what book that image in the Alix’s Vintage Bookshelf is from – I remember it!

    Thanks and best wishes!

    1. Thank you so much Nichol! We have a lot of fun here. I’ll look through my scans to track down that image—i’m spacing out on where it’s from just now!

  3. Alix,

    I just saw your note, about leaving me a note, about my daughters supergirl party. I apologize but i never received it 🙁 I would love to see some of the pictures from her party on your blog…it would be an honor! Thanks!

    Michelle (The Tortoise and the Hare)

  4. i just checked out your spot on etsy. can i say this without sounding freakish? you ladies are kinda wicked cool. my favorite was the “little house on the prarie”. such a memorable book. and i really want to purchase the felt campfire for my three year old who seems to be on a perpetual camping trip carrying around her sleeping bag and flashlight all the time. thanks for the constant inspiration. i’ll be checking back often!

    1. aw lady you made my night…..i’m so glad you found us and you enjoyed it all! little house on the prairie is a special favorite of Miss Dottie’s and she found that OUT OF CONTROL camp fire! I was dying when she sent it to me. So great!

  5. My goodness! The Big Treasure Book of Fairy Tales was one of my favorite books as a little kid, and I still have that book. I’ve always loved how bright the colors are and the style and lines of the art. Lovely to see featured here.

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