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Seeing the Past in the Present :: Amazing Photos

Being a vintage lover, I’m expecially fond of old photographs. I’ve posted them on here many times—found images from old photo albums, estate sale goodies and thrift store scores. Part of the fun, I think, is examining them for details….like the clothes the people are wearing, the furniture and knick knacks in the background or cars on the street. I recently stumbled upon a really cool take on the “old meets new” photo I’ve been dying to share with you! Maybe you’ve seen them before, but these were all new to me when I discovered the Looking into the Past Flickr group. You take an old photograph, go back to the location where it was first taken and line up the perspective…..snap a new photo that shows the old in a modern context. It sounds complicated the way I’m describing it, but it’s very simple. Take a look! I think it’s utterly fascinating. Some photos require a second look….

image: amy cox

image: jasonepowell

image: haunted snowfort

image: ohdarling

image: katie artzner

image: Edward Barnieha

image: jasonepowell

image: katie artzner

image: haunted snowfort

Pretty cool huh. There is something so beautifully nostalgic and poignant about the images. I can’t wait to dig through my old photo albums and try this out myself!

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  1. kara rane says

    interesting shift in perspective, & a little creepy, beautiful, fragile.

    • Alix says

      I agree! There is such a whistful quality…

  2. JDaniel4's Mom says

    These are awesome! I don’t think I have seen anything like them before.

  3. Amber Liddle says

    That’s freaking amazing!

    • Alix says

      not bad, eh? we need to get some michigan up in thar…..

  4. Dottie says

    I seriously thing this might be one of the most amazing projects I’ve seen in some time. How sweet and moving and wacky and just plain wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing, lady!

  5. erin o. says

    soo rad! it kind of gave me chills.

  6. Kyssa Vintage says

    Wow, I love this. These kind of photographs fascinate more than any others. Have you seen this yet? ….
    If not, check it out. I think you’ll like it a lot!

    xo amanda

    • Alix says

      Yes! I looooooooove those too, Amanda. I almost posted them as well! Crazy clever!!

  7. RocketGirl says

    That is amazing. I seriously need to do this when I go home this summer!

  8. BethR says

    woooow! i was going to say how amazing, and then saw that was the title of the post. what a fantastic, nostalgic, and slightly chill-bumpy idea.

  9. miss james says

    incrrrrredible! love love love em.

  10. Sarah-Rose says

    Thanks for including my photo!

    The worst part about taking that photo? it took me ages to get it lined up JUST SO and the current owner of the house got all peeved and took a photo of our car as we drove off. He should’ve asked us what we were up to! I’m sure he wouldn’t have minded then.

  11. Damian Odess-Gillett says

    Wow. That is so fun.

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