Life, Collected.

I don’t know about you guys, but MAN this year has just flown by!! I can’t believe summer is just about here. We still have a week of school but then we’ll be rarin’ to go. Life has been pretty action packed—we’re workin’ hard and playin’ hard. We’ve really been trying to get outside and enjoy the weather as much as possible! That means BBQs, long walks in the woods with Sammy, swimming, seeing friends and plotting out camps and vacation travel.

Back in October, Wolfie’s class sold the most tickets for their Halloween Festival booth (the water balloon toss). As a result, they won a spring ice cream party! Greg dressed up as the Fantastic Mr. Fox for halloween and the kids were excited that Mr. Fox was going making another appearance!

Ice coffees are one of my favorites when the temperatures heat up. I’m always amused at how the barristas muck up my name. I’ve had Alice, Ellis, Axel, Alice X (written when the discussion went, “Alix” “Alice?” “No, Alix….with and X”). This was a new one!

Are you ready for summer? Any big plans? On a totally random note—who’s watching The Bachelorette?? And how about The Glee Project?? If you are a Glee fan, it’s a realllly fun show! (And it just started this week!)

7 thoughts on “Life, Collected.

  1. Don’t you worry…you’ll always be Alix to us! : ) Summer – I mainly just muddle through. I wilt, I guess. : ) The Bachelorette – I never really get into that stuff but am totally into it this year. I think I feel too invested in wanting her to send Ryan home not to stick around. I actually find myself yelling at the TV when she talks about how good looking and charming he is. Blech.

    1. LOL Eartha I’m the same! I haven’t watched The Bachelorette in YEARS (like, since the very first one…). For some reason I picked this one up and I’m sadly transfixed by her! She seems sweet. I hate that Ryan guy (and have from the get go). I think she sees through him now. I love how she called Doug out. “What are your flaws?” “I’m too devoted to my children.” I kind of like Arie…but I feel like they are going to try and push some other guys on her so it doesn’t just end here. Ooooh that crazy show!

  2. The shoes are incredible. Summer starts today for us, after two weeks of camp and I’m so excited, trying to clear my plate of everything so we can just be. Happy summer to you!

    Oh, what is Wolfie’s Waumbek shirt all about? Because I grew up on Waumbeck Road!


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