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Like a Teenage Dream // Vintage Bedroom

My sweet friend @virginiejolie posted this vintage bedroom set on Instagram a while back. It was in a thrift store she was shopping at and she (and I!) about DIED. This super bright and colorful fun house of a room was made by popular furniture company Drexel back in the 70s. The “Plus One” collection is insane….daisy drawer pulls, kooky cut outs, flower petal pedestals. It’s amazing. And even better? Many of the pieces are labeled, “Desk”, “Bed”, “Telephone” (YES! a phone nook!). And the colors are fun too, of course: “Green With Envy” and “Hello Yellow!”




Apparently the set was “designed” by teens (readers of Seventeen magazine who were consulted throughout the process!).

That a-frame vanity??? Oh yes.

{Thanks to Gold Country Girls for scanning those amazing images!}

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  1. Jody says


  2. Dottie says

    I think my favorite is the telephone booth in the bedroom. Why don’t I ever see these pieces at the Alameda Flea Market!?!?!

  3. Alix says

    Alas, even if we did see them they would probably cost $5,000!!!!! But yes, the phone booth!

  4. Ash says

    So, before I even peeped at the comments section, I was planning on leaving a comment that said…
    “I don’t know what I’m drooling over more…the phone booth, or the double-sided vanity…” ha!
    Seems like great minds really DO think alike 😉 ……..if I absolutely HAD to pick between the two of them, I would go phone booth I think…that seat looks super cozy, and I’m already daydreaming of the different ways to decorate it <3

    • Dottie says

      Right? You can almost seen the teenage girl slouching in it, wrapping the long phone cord around her fingers. PRICELESS! Seriously–I think I need that!

      Also, could we talk about the large striped rat/mouse thing just hanging out on the floor?

      And what is that rotating spice rack jar thingie full of candy in the telephone booth? Because nothing says eat candy like talking on the phone?

      • Ash says

        The rat/mouse is hilarious! I love the style of the stuffed animals back then!
        I own a couple myself. ((a cute little green haired girl we’ve named Willamena and an elephant named Piche,))
        However, the size of that thing is pretty outrageous! :::HUGE::

        I was also seriously questioning why they have sun-rays of sprinkle jars in the phone booth!? I have a hunch that might have been a last minute decorating decision!

        ((i.e. “Dolores, we have a problem…that phone booth is just missing something and I can’t put my finger on it… hmmmm…. Oh! I know! Let’s add a rotating sprinkle dispenser in the back of it…. Perfect!”))

        P.S. Miss Dottie… I believe you coincidentally bought an amazing bowling shirt from me recently! Super weird co-winky-dink! I hope you are loving it!


  5. karen says

    This is perfect timing in my search for how to style our master bedroom!! I’m sure I can convince my husband that that gray and white plaid wall paper is just what he wants 🙂 And that super white carpeting too..Love it!

  6. lishyloo says

    this is too much for me to deal with all at once. i think a piece at a time for the next week. i am remaking them ALL for tova. now.

  7. Saskia (1=2) says

    Holy moley. Unbelievably fabulous. For me it’s the giant floor rat! And those gonk-like mushroom cushion things with eyes, 8 photos down, just under the line drawings. ARE they mushrooms with eyes? Please tell me they are.

    • Alix says

      hahaha oh yes ….those are eyes on the mushrooms!

  8. Dazzle says

    I found several pieces of this vintage collection on Albuquerque Craigslist! Check it out:

  9. Krista says

    I have several pieces of this furniture. How do I find out what it’s worth?

    • Beth says

      Where are you located, Krista ~ we are looking for another nightstand, the lingerie chest and the vanity/stool. Let me know what you have. Thanks!

  10. krista keister says

    Hi Beth, I am located in Atlanta. I have the tall dresser, shelves with bottom drawers and a small bench with cushion.

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