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Meet Beatrice Bird! Our Weekly Kiddo.

Guess what people? It’s FRIDAY! And that means we have a three day weekend ahead of us. WHooo hoo! This week I have a special little girlie for you. This is Beatrice Birdie. She’s only 2 1/2 but this spunky lil monkey already has mad style! Get ready to be charmed my friends. Take it away Bea!

+ Chickadee peasant shirt, Vintage
+ Skinny jeans, Gap
+ Pink Converse One Stars, Target

+ Plaid dress, Vintage
+ Straight-leg jeans, Old Navy
+ Squeakers Sneaks, with the squeaks removed (wise move, mama!)
+ Hot pink sunnies, Target

+ Yellow floral top, Old Navy
+ Capri jeans, Old Navy
+ White cardigan, Cherokee for Target
+ Flower headband, Target
+ Yellow jellies, Old Navy

+ Apple red jumper dress, vintage
+ Straight leg jeans, Target
+ White onesie tee, Target
+ Purple sneaks, Old Navy

+ Blue paisley top, GAP
+ Skinny Jeans, J.Crew Crew Cuts
+ Knit Flapper Headband: Jek in the Box (on Etsy)
+ Cool Cigar Box ukulele: by Uncle Jeff (husband to Ms. Jek!)

And because that little plaid vintage dress is so cute, one more time! I love it paired with the little pink Converse. It’s a perfect example of taking a slightly proper vintage dressie and turning it into something cool, spunky and wearable!

Yes. My girl Bea is holding a banjo. How cute is she?? Little Honey Bea loves animals but us especially fond of panda bears. She is a nature girl at heart and loves the grass, the sun, the beach and balloons. (YAY for balloons!) Her cool mama Natalie tells us that when meal time rolls around, she really digs Miso soup and pickles, which is just about the coolest and most random combo ever. Go Beatrice! This little sweetie loves story time and her favorite book is Ferdinand the Bull.  Seeing her with her banjo and ukulele, it won’t come as a surprise that she is crazy about music and she loooves to dance!! Her favorite song is Yellow Submarine but she falls asleep listening to Beach House. Needless to say, she’s a super rad kid. Hip hip hooray for Little Miss Bea!

Have an awesome weekend my friends. Dottie and I are taking Monday off to enjoy Memorial Day with our families, but we’ll be seeing ya bright eyed and bushy tailed on Tuesday!

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  1. Amber Liddle says

    Oh adorable! I love the name Beatrice and I also love that her mom took out the squeaks in her sneaks. I did the same thing, those things are ridiculous 🙂

    Is there anything cuter than a little one in vintage goods? If I could time travel I think I would have a heart attack just seeing kids dressed so amazingly.

  2. keepingupwithStella says

    So sweet! I love the vintage plaid dress!

  3. kodie says

    So cute! Equally adorable child AND wardrobe! Way to pair vintage with Target and such. And I totally agree with the squeakers! Ours were a “gift” (read torture device) from my m-i-l. Oy!

  4. lishyloo says

    she is so cute! i love the name beatrice! this is exactly how i picture lishyloo vintage being worn, paired with funky stuff! i love that her fave book is fern. the bull! fantastic.

  5. jek says

    there’s my favorite birdie! what a nice morning wake up while on the BIG road trip! i’m keeping an eye out for the bird while i thrift and for her soon to be lil sis, penny. cheers to vintage kiddo clothes!

  6. Alix says

    Lishy was that dress from you??
    It’s so cute, where ever it’s from!
    Also, I’m loving this “remove the squeaker” policy! haha. Whenever I see/hear those shoes on kids I think they’re cute and kind of useful (for always knowing where your child is) and then I quickly think, “OMG that squeaking would drive me batty!!” hee

  7. Dottie says

    I’m in love! What a little sugar snap! Nothing makes me smile more than pigtails on a girl and in vintage too. You are killing me.

    And hurrah for taking out the squeaks in the sneaks!

  8. heather says

    she is one fun little girl and did i read she is having a new little sister named penny?

  9. Natalie says

    Yup, new sister Penelope will be arriving shortly (July 16th). Most of Bea’s vintage is from various Goodwill stores. The plaid dress is from Jet Rag on La Brea in L.A. We’re stoked to be having another little girl and another reason to keep buying those sweet vintage frocks.

  10. David says

    As the father of this child, i would like to acknowledge that i have no influence on what she wears. That is why she looks so good

  11. heather says

    yay for Penelope that is my daughter’s name!! aka pippi!!! i bet she will be just as stylin as her sister!

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