Meet Cash! Our Weekly Kiddo

Happy Friday, friends. Our creepy Halloween week is quickly coming to a close, and in honor of our spooky fun, I bring you a special Weekly Kiddo. This is Cash and he is officially a Master of Disguise. Cash is the middle child of Modern Kiddo regular, Heather/Three Ring Circus Vintage. He is an incredibly handsome and stylish lad, but what makes him so awesome is his willingness to dress up in pretty much any costume his mom dreams up! Take it away Cash!

Tee hee. The hair….THE HAIR! This Werewolf costume is a favorite of mama Heather’s, and it only cost her $3 to make! Now that’s good craftin’!

This adorable little brave looks ready to be sidekick to the Lone Ranger.

Yeah DYING over this Hamburglar outfit—funny and fabulous.

Holy Cuteness, Batman! Check out this awesome super hero goodness!

This Robin outfit is crazy cute and was handcrafted by Heather from an authentic 70s pattern!

Cash’s whole family likes to get in on the action—here he is with his little sister Penelope and big brother Dax!

Heather told us:

“Cash is the boy I can convince to be anything: Wearwolf, Skunk, Robin….you name it! He loves it. His older brother Dax was born the week after Halloween but he has a mind of his own and is very particular about his outfits. Cash is our dress up superstar.”

A lot of the credit goes to Heather who clearly has a passion for dressing up…but also has a knack for making incredible homemade costumes. Take a look:

This skunk costume was worn by all three of Heather’s children. Stinky cute, as Miss Dottie would say!

And of course….a yummy, mummy made by a cute mummy! Bravo Heather! You are an inspiration and your gorgeous kiddos are amazing. YAY for CASH! Be sure to stop by Heather’s amazing vintage kiddo shop, Three Ring Circus.

Before we go, I have to give you a peek at our sweet Modern Kiddo fave, Penelope (aka PIPPI!) in her Strawberry Shortcake costume. Loooooove ya little lady!

12 thoughts on “Meet Cash! Our Weekly Kiddo

  1. AAAHHH!!!! This is theeee BEST BEST BEST!!!

    I love it when kids play dress up. There is nothing better than seeing a fairy princess eating her pancakes at the local diner.

    And Cash is just darling. That werewolf costume… Genius Heather, pure genius!

    And Heather, you were such a little cutie patootie. Clearly sewing and clever costumes run in your family!

  2. love the costumes, the boy wonder would have to be my fave. was very excited to get my 3 smalls into their costumes today for some early Halloweening, Billy was rocking a maroon 70’s polyester suit as part of his vamp costume. Happy Halloween to you all at Modern Kiddo

  3. thank you alix for this sweet post!
    my mom made all of our costumes growing up…i don’t think we ever had a store bought costume. it is one of my best memories so of course i had to follow in the costume making tradition! and luckily i have kids that don’t mind my crazy ideas!

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