Meet COOPER! Our Weekly Kiddo.

I swear you guys, our readers have THE CUTEST KIDS around! Today we have another little rock star boy—Cooper! This little man is 22 months old and is the son of Modern Kiddo pal, Tracy. (Make sure you check out her awesome blog, Shutterbean, and the fun cooking features she does for us: Quick Cookin’ with Shutterbean!) Tracy told us that she originally got alot of hand-me-downs from Coop’s cousin Henry. Henry’s style is super preppy (Ralph Lauren, saddle shoes….the works!) and that has kind of trickled into Cooper’s look. What i love is how Tracy mix and matches modern graphics with the preppy elements. It’s a super cute look! OK. On with the show….

Sweater: Gymboree
Pants: GAP
Shoes: Stride Rite

Tracy told us, “I basically dress him in what I would wear if I was a little boy. He’s pretty sporty and a tad bit preppy! We love stripes, argyles & plaids around here too.”

I am in love with this Doggie Diner shirt!!

Lookin’ shahhhp in this plaid shirt! I love it!
Top: Circo
Pants: GAP
Shoes: Stride Rite

Coop wears a lot of Old Navy PJ tops as regular shirts, which are really fun and graphic. You can see a cute PJ top here paired with some classic Oshkosh overalls. (overalls courtesy of Frecklewonder!)

This shirt is so sweet!
Top: Tea Collection
Pants: GAP
Shoes: Pumas

Dressed up!
Sweater: Gymboree
Pants: GAP
Shirt: GAP

Top: Loyal Army Clothing
Shorts: Gymboree
Shoes: Old Navy

His little hairdo kills me. What a cutie!
Sweater: Osh Kosh
Pants: GAP
Shoes: PUMAS

Top: Old Navy
Shorts: Circo from Target
Shoes: Old Navy

Hip Vans……just like his mama!

How cute is this boy?? I chatted with Tracy and asked her tell me a little more about him. “Coop is a super sweetie. He loves Curious George and singing the alphabet. He also is super adventurous and loves running around and exploring. He has no fear! He’s kind of a little toughie. He is super into trucks and cars and is obsessed with with baseball—he already loves the Red Sox like his daddy!”

Of course since Tracy is a masterful cook, I had to ask what kind of foods he eats. She told me he loves most things but especially loves CARBS. HA! I knew I loved this boy for reason!!  Let’s get yer mama to make us some tasty pasta Coop!!

As much as he loves to race around with a little gleam in his eye, this child is also extremely sweet. He’s a giggler and all in all is a very happy boy. Thank you soo much for sharing him with us. HURRAY for Cooper!

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  1. OK–that little face is killing me. That is one cute widdle boy! And the wardrobe is KEEELING ME! Doggie Diner T?!?! And cute preppy togs on a little feller like this–I’m dying here!

    Shutterbean, would you please produce more cuties like this?

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