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Guest Feature :: Snacktime with Shutterbean

SNNAAAAAACCCKKS! Oh, hello!!!  It’s Tracy from Shutterbean here, back with my favorite Kiddos. Today we’re talking snacks! Don’t you just love snackies? Honestly, they’re pretty much my favorite part of the day. Snacks are especially important when you’re running around with your kids. How else are you going to fuel the rest of your day??? Don’t get me started on dealing with a cranky hungry child!  We must avoid that at ALL costs. I put together a little arsenal for you, so if you’re in a rut snack-wise, this might break you free. We’ll start out with some easy peasy no-brainers and then get a little more fancy. So let’s get crackin’!

1. Fruits! I love orange segments. SOO easy. Also fun to put in your mouth & cover your teeth with them. SMILE! Also white Nectarines & an assortment of cheeses. YUM! Think indoor picnic. Apples are fun and easy too.
2. Veggies & Dip!  Pile up your kiddo’s favorite veggies & have a dip party. Dip makes vegetables approachable!
3. Scrumptious green grapes!  They are amazing frozen too! Just like little popsicles.
4. Slices of apples with a squeeze of lime!  It helps jazz up apples like you wouldn’t believe!

5. Peanut butter, bananas & honey on top of a rice cakes! Great for breakfast too!
6. Cinnamon Sugar Tortilla Crisps! Watch out, they’re addictive. Trust me.
7. Make your own Trail Mix for on the go!  It’s such a good thing to carry in your purse/diaper bag.
8. Peanut Butter Granola Balls Such little work for a BIG pay off!
9. Fig Crumble Bars!  Think FANCY fig newtons!
10. Banana Bread with a yummy cinnamon sugar topping.  You’ll make such good memories with a loaf.
11. Easy Baked Potato Chips! You can make them with sweet potatoes too!
12. Pretzels & hummus. Put them on a fun plate and everyone’s happy.
13. For those kids who love spice, try a grilled corn tortilla with avocado & a few dashes of hot sauce.
14. Addictive Baked Kale Chips! (my son LOVES them and so do I!!)
Whew, that’s it folks. Hope that gets your motor going!  What are some of your favorite kiddo snacks? Do your kids like spicy foods or are a little pickier? What are your snack time tricks? Let’s chat!

Thanks Miss Shutterbean! Another amazing collection of easy peasy meals. OH, and hurray to Pilgrim Lee for rockin’ the artwork on Kiddo once again!

Meet Poppy! Our Weekly Kiddo.

I’m so excited for today’s post because we have very special International Kiddo! Her name is Poppy and she lives allllll the way in Sydney, Australia. She’ll be turning 4 in a few short months and is a total doll. Her mama is the awesome Kellie from the popular blog, Mini Must Have and just like mama, Miss Poppy has a fabulous sense of style.

+ Adorable pinafore dress from Australian Bluebird and Honey

+ Retro swirls dress from Australian label Oobi

+ Graphic hoodie from New Zealand label Minti
+ Deep Denim skirt from Sooda Room
+ Puma high tops

+ Tutu and hoodie from Cotton On Kids

+ Dress is the Missie Munster dress from  Australian label Munster Kids

+ Red dress from Australian label Infancy
+ Levi’s denim jacket
+ Adidas sneakers

+ Sweet pink dress from Australian brand Rock Your Baby

Ooooh weeee, what a cute lil lady this one is! Check out that sweet smile. This sassy little minx loves colouring, riding her scooter, playing hide and seek, as well as memory games and “snakes and ladders” (Says Kellie, “she cheats!!” haha). She also loves to eat and is helping out in the kitchen cooking. We chatted with her mama who told us this:

“Poppy is definitely a girly-girl! She loves wearing dresses and skirts and would choose style over comfort any day. Her favourite colour is pink (can you tell?!!) and she has an opinion on anything and everything that she wears. Her all-time favourite piece of clothing is her ballet tutu. She’d wear it every.single.day. if she were allowed!”

I’m loving that tutu and I looooove her little sneaks! (er, or should we be calling them “trainers”??) Thank you so much Kellie for sharing your beautiful little lady with us. HAPPY FRIDAY everyone!

Meet COOPER! Our Weekly Kiddo.

I swear you guys, our readers have THE CUTEST KIDS around! Today we have another little rock star boy—Cooper! This little man is 22 months old and is the son of Modern Kiddo pal, Tracy. (Make sure you check out her awesome blog, Shutterbean, and the fun cooking features she does for us: Quick Cookin’ with Shutterbean!) Tracy told us that she originally got alot of hand-me-downs from Coop’s cousin Henry. Henry’s style is super preppy (Ralph Lauren, saddle shoes….the works!) and that has kind of trickled into Cooper’s look. What i love is how Tracy mix and matches modern graphics with the preppy elements. It’s a super cute look! OK. On with the show….

Sweater: Gymboree
Pants: GAP
Shoes: Stride Rite

Tracy told us, “I basically dress him in what I would wear if I was a little boy. He’s pretty sporty and a tad bit preppy! We love stripes, argyles & plaids around here too.”

I am in love with this Doggie Diner shirt!!

Lookin’ shahhhp in this plaid shirt! I love it!
Top: Circo
Pants: GAP
Shoes: Stride Rite

Coop wears a lot of Old Navy PJ tops as regular shirts, which are really fun and graphic. You can see a cute PJ top here paired with some classic Oshkosh overalls. (overalls courtesy of Frecklewonder!)

This shirt is so sweet!
Top: Tea Collection
Pants: GAP
Shoes: Pumas

Dressed up!
Sweater: Gymboree
Pants: GAP
Shirt: GAP

Top: Loyal Army Clothing
Shorts: Gymboree
Shoes: Old Navy

His little hairdo kills me. What a cutie!
Sweater: Osh Kosh
Pants: GAP
Shoes: PUMAS

Top: Old Navy
Shorts: Circo from Target
Shoes: Old Navy

Hip Vans……just like his mama!

How cute is this boy?? I chatted with Tracy and asked her tell me a little more about him. “Coop is a super sweetie. He loves Curious George and singing the alphabet. He also is super adventurous and loves running around and exploring. He has no fear! He’s kind of a little toughie. He is super into trucks and cars and is obsessed with with baseball—he already loves the Red Sox like his daddy!”

Of course since Tracy is a masterful cook, I had to ask what kind of foods he eats. She told me he loves most things but especially loves CARBS. HA! I knew I loved this boy for reason!!  Let’s get yer mama to make us some tasty pasta Coop!!

As much as he loves to race around with a little gleam in his eye, this child is also extremely sweet. He’s a giggler and all in all is a very happy boy. Thank you soo much for sharing him with us. HURRAY for Cooper!