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Meet Ella! Our Weekly Kiddo

Hurray! It’s time for one of my favorite things ever, our Weekly Kiddo! This is where we take a peek at an awesome lil kiddo and see their unique style. This week we have the amazing little Ella. This four-and-a-half year old California Girlie just lights up the page with that grin of hers, don’t you agree? OK, let’s take a look at the adorable Miss Ella!

+ Paisley Dress: Zara

+ Ribbon Strap Dress: Handmade
+ T-Shirt: Target
+ Ruffle Leggings: Target

+ Princess Leia Robe: Amazon (I was dying when I saw this….)

+ Hoodie: Ralph Lauren
+ T-Shirt: Target
+ Shorts: Target
+ Pink Patent Saltwater Sandals (try saying THAT 10 times fast):

Sweater: Handmade
Dress: Old Navy
Pink Running Shoes: saucony from Zappos
Tootsie Roll Lunch Box: Powell’s Sweet Shop

Red Party Dress: Oshkosh b’Gosh

Paisley Dress: Zara
Diva Sunglasses: Target

+ Neon Floral Dress: Target

Ella is such a cutie. I love how she looks like a little sweetie in one photo and then a sassy lil spunkette in the next! (Hello purple wig!) This adorable girl loves to sing, watch movies with her dad, play dress up, color and make things with tape and/or glue. Her favorite bands include Dan Zanes, Wilco, and Dave Matthews, but her mama says her favorite song is “Don’t Bring Me Down” by E.L.O (classic! hey, didn’t they do the Xanadu theme song too?? This little girl knows what’s what….). Miss Ella loves her mama’s famous tacos, chinese food, dad’s homemade pizza, bagels and broccoli (really). My favorite snippet about this little lass is that her favorite movie is The Parent Trap—but the original version from 1961 with Hayley Mills. Between Parent Trap and Princess Leia, this is a little girl after my own heart! GO ELLA!

Do you have a stylish little boy or girl you’d like to feature? Sent them our way! You’ll find the submission guidelines here.

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7 Responses

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  1. Dottie says

    I. AM. IN. LOVE!!!!

    What a great Modern Kiddo! Hurrah!

  2. marla says

    So cute! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the purple wig!

  3. Jean says

    Just absolutely adorable!! Ella is my kind of classy kid and I would say that even if she didn’t happen to be my granddaughter!

  4. pilgrim says

    wow she seems like one cool kiddo! love the purple wig 😀

  5. Jill says

    Ella will be ruling the world someday…in fact, I bet she already does! Her personality just shines….Ella is someone someday I want to be my BFF! As we say in the South….so precious!

  6. heather says

    cutie pie!!!

  7. maggie says

    The parent trap is my favorite movie! Go Ella. You’re so cool.
    Love, Your Bostob BFF, Maggie

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