Meet Kara!

We have a certain little cutie here today. Emphasis on little!  Meet Miss Kara–a perfect little lady with an emphasis on the little.  She’s always been in the 5 percent of her height and weight but that doesn’t stop her from being super full of sass and cuteness.  Although it can be tough to find clothing for one so little, her mama, Laura is very resourceful!

You can just tell by these piccies that she’s a spirited little one.  Kara has two favorite stuffed animals — “Teddy” and “Baby.” She is very friendly and easy going, and engages most everyone she meets.

Her winter style consists of a lot of cute hats, vintage bows, denim skirts and dresses, and dark-wash jeggings and tunic shirts. She LOVES her boots and bows and hats. If she’s not wearing a bow or hat in the morning, she’ll say to me, “Ha?” Or “Bow?” And she is always very happy to show off her boots (as she has more pairs of boots/shoes than I do!).

You might be tiny, Kara, but your heart and personality are big big BIG!

And thank you Laura for sharing you lovely little girlie with us!

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5 thoughts on “Meet Kara!

  1. I’ve got a wee peanut, too, and it gets to bug after a bit–not because you’ve got a pocketful of pixie for a little girl, but because their development outpaces the clothing sizes pretty quickly! Not many 6-9 month footie PJs feature the all-important grippy feet, for instance. Which makes for a lot of slipping and head bonkage. And shoes! Don’t get me started! (The upside is that even though she and her sister were born in opposite seasons, she stills fits in hand-me-downs at the right time of year!)

    But oh, that glint in your eye! That naughty little cheeky grin and those wickedly sharp blue eyes! I shall not call you Kara, Kara. I shall call you PUCK.

    1. Jody! You receive the award for the best comment ever! Little little ones have such a tough time with properly fitting clothing and you are totally right on the grippy feet! I just remember the tough time you had finding preemie clothes when she was weeks old. With ALL OF THAT HAIR! Hey, it never fell out! Sweet!

      A tip tip for the grippy feet–use puff paint on the bottom of those footie PJs to give them more traction! I did it with the Peach’s socks since she had tiny footies and walked early.

  2. To Martina: The hats are from Children’s Place and Babies R Us. The pink skirt is from Gap, but I had to “edit” it by cutting the leggings off when she stained them.

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