Meet Mathilda! Our Weekly Kiddo.

This week we have a special little sweetie from Springfield, Missouri! Her mama is the stylish and creative Amy who clearly has an appreciation for the days of yesterday—she gave her the awesomely, old-timey name Mathilda, which is just about the cutest thing ever! Little Miss Mathilda has four siblings, including two older sisters, who provide plenty of sassy hand-me-downs for this stylish little gal. Her fun wardrobe is made up of lots of vintage and thrift-store treasures with, of course, the occasional new item thrown in for good measure! When you see how cute she is, you’ll die. Let the Walzing Mathilda begin!

CUTE! Love the moccasin booties and adorable overalls!

Tee hee. A little bit dirndl chic, a little bit Red Riding Hood and a whole lotta CUTE.

The long stripey legwarmer knee socks make this outfit adorable.

Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner!!! Tutu and vintage roller skates? Hellllo. This is SO Mathilda’s album cover in about 10 years.

Chillin’ with her best girls….I love her red dress and look at that smile!

This is the most adorable rain combo. The sweet buttercup yellow vintage dressie and then those totally utilitarian wellies is AWESOME.

Mathilda is one of those awesome little hybrid girls—she loves fun girlie things like roller skating and playing dress-up, but she also likes to climb trees and hang out with her four urban chickens. CHICKENS??? WOW!  I love it!  The lovely Mathilda has a sweet kitty cat named Casper that she looves and her mama says she charms the neighbors with daily visits to cheer them up! I am pretty taken with this little lady’s style—don’t you think she’s the bees knees?? Amy, thanks for sharing your gorgeous girlie with us!

17 thoughts on “Meet Mathilda! Our Weekly Kiddo.

  1. OMG, seriously. She is too cute for words. That Tutu-Roller Skate number is just too fabulous for words. I hope that mom & dad have that framed somewhere in the house.

  2. OK, I can’t like–my jaw dropped when I saw the tutu rollerskating cuteness. Matilda–you had me at hello!

    And the crochet seventies fringe look–amazing!

    Dirnl chic–Alix, you kill me!

  3. That little wool cap and skirt also came with a cute red cape (the tag says its from Germany). I found it at one of my favorite thrift stores here in Springfield for $3.00!
    Honestly, it was one of those dumb luck “finds”, that if I never found anything like that again, I would not be sad…..realizing that kind of luck only happens once.
    Thanks for all the sweet comments!

  4. Mathilda is our niece. We are proud to say that we live down the street. Mathilda is hip, just like her mom. We love them very much! Thank you for posting her!

  5. hold on, Amy and Kristen, you guys know each other?? How can your town hold ALL THAT CUTE??

    as an aside, i’m feelin’ like we need to start a Modern Kiddo Community board—with a KIDDO CLOTHING SWAP section!!! 😉

  6. She’s so cute! I love that green and white cape – any chance you made that? If so, I’d love to know where the pattern’s from 🙂

    lisa_vander_vliet at hotmail dot com

  7. oh geez! i’m dying from all that cute! i used to live in Springfield and let me tell ya, there are some wicked rad thrift stores in that town! my fav was Council of the Blind on Ks Expressway and Kearney. i never once left that place empty handed!

  8. Love love LOVE! The overalls! The skates! Its all too much! This kid is a total doll. Thanks for sharing.

    Oh, and, hit me up when you get that clothing swap happening…

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