Meet (a new!) Wolfgang

There must be something about the name Wolfgang that makes a boy so sweet and cute. We have another Weekly Kiddo for you, and this Wolfgang is just as darling as our infamous Modern Kiddo Wolfgang! Get ready to feast your eyes on some serious adorableness.

Mama Deborah is a totally cool cat.  She has a fun little blog called Amongst the Knick Knacks where she shares her great thrifting finds and cool outfits—many of which land in her Etsy shop) She has mad style which extends to her sweet 14 month old boy.

And were talking serious good boy style. Like this!

Deb told us a bit more about her little guy:

He adores playing kitchen, helping mommy [what a good boy!], and tractors. Wolfgang loves to be complimented on his clothing and going for train rides. [The Peach would approve!] His favorite food is scrambled eggs with any sort of green veggie mixed in,but will pretty much eat anything in front of him. [Lucky Deb!]

And as if that wasn’t enough, he went as the most adorable little gnome for Halloween!

Thanks so much, Deb for sharing your little Wolfgang with us!  What a cutie! Come back any time!

PS:  Do *you* have a stylish kiddo you’d like to show off? Send ‘em our way! You can find submission details here. We love all kinds of kiddos….vintage and thrift loving liddles, modern grooviness tots and simply sweet, down-to-earth kiddos.

7 thoughts on “Meet (a new!) Wolfgang

    1. It’s not that common a name! I’ve never met another one in person (that’s a little kiddo, that is). I think Dottie knows a Wolf, though! Someone the other day asked me if we liked Wolfgang Puck alot, haha. “Yes, we just looooove those little pizzas.”

  1. Hurray! He is such a stylish little guy, I love how you dress him! He wears it so well!

    I can’t lie, it still makes me do a double take when I see his name up there! I’m not used to seeing any other wolfie’s or wolfgang’s around—especially on Modern Kiddo! haha

    Fun/Weird fact for our readers…..cute mom Deborah not only has a boy named Wolfgang, she too has a husband named Greg!!! I thought I was seeing things when I saw her bio!!

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