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Meet Zelda, Our Weekly Kiddo!!

Hi hi friends! Happy snappy Friday! Miss Dottie here. And I’ve got a charming little lady today, Miss Zelda.  Now, I am deelighted to say that I know this little love bug personally and she’s one of my favorite kiddos EVER!  She’s such a kick in the pants, just like her mom, Melinda, who I used to be in a comedy troupe with back in the day. Now Melinda writes funny stuff on her own blog Easy Rider.  And of course Miss Z has provided quite a bit of hilarious writing fodder.

And blog cuteness! Like this!


Melinda summarized Zelda’s fashion sense:

Zelda’s unique, SF and Disney cultivated style that is part Peg Bundy, part Punky Brewster and part Princess Peach. She is the queen of layering and pairs shorts or tutus with tights and leggings, long sleeves with short sleeves and bolero jackets and has been known to wear her old Babylegs as arm warmers. All her clothes are a combo of hand-me downs, dress-up clothes, Gap, Target and Hanna Andersson, with the occasional Great-grandma creation thrown in.

In other words, kiddo fashion perfection!

Fairy wings and rainboots are the perfect combo.


I love a girl who can rock a princess costume, don’t you? I think the different pony tail holders accent your ensemble beautifully, my lady!

I love how she uses her babylegs as arm warmers. Even at the age of five she knows the importance of layering in SF. The plaid and floral combo is pure Harujuku!

Did I mention Zelda is a fan of stripes? And would you look at those shoes?

Being so fabulous is tiring!

Melinda wrote the following about her little lass:

Zelda is camera shy, but stage ready and will do a jazz run all over that thing. Despite her name, her favorite princess is Peach and can kick your butt at Mario Kart. She is a pretty, pretty pink princess and a dancing queen who can already spot the difference between Ballet, Contemporary, Hip-Hop and Jazz. She has a green thumb and loves to plant seeds and water her window-sill garden. She knows the names of more plants than I do.

She thinks all boys are icky except for her boyfriend and her daddy–who is not wild about this whole boyfriend thing. Her favorite singer is Britney Spears, her favorite TV show is Dancing with the Stars and her favorite dancer is Kirstie Alley.

She is a budding comedian who isn’t afraid to go blue and her favorite go-to punchlines all include pee, poop, and the smelling of stinky butts. She will moon you if given the opportunity. Besides Mom, her best friend is a big fat, geriatric cat named Ralph who is kept alive, and fat, with her constant care and sheer will.

Thanks for sharing you little snapper, Melinda!

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10 Responses

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  1. lishyloo says

    love zelda!

  2. Jody says

    Big ups for the Z-Girl! And that stripey outfit is TOO CUTE. I love me some sailor stripes.

    • Melinda says

      Are you placing dibs on that little hand-me down?

      • Dottie says

        If we are calling dibs on hand me downs–OWL dress please! The Peach has a total love of owls. Very Harry Potter of her!

  3. Heather says

    Too cute!

  4. Melinda says

    Wait. What do you mean used to be? Bitter Show is in your blood! I will get you back on that stage.

  5. Suzanne O. says

    So cute, looks just like Daddy

  6. Angela Neil says

    She’s super cute and I absolutely LOVE her sense of style!! What a sweetheart! Congrats baby girl!

  7. Eileen says

    it’s about time this free spirit’s fashion sense is shared with the world…. Spot on with the Harujuku observation, Miss Dottie!

  8. Julie Henderson says

    Melinda, Hi…This might sound funny, but I was looking for Punky Brewster costumes online and came across these photos on google and I’m curious, were these photos taken in San Francisco? Just wondering because I’m from there and the staircase in the backround looks a lot like my grandfathers old house, near irving…across from what use to be Shriners hospital for children…anyway, super cute outfits!
    Julie 🙂

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