My dream site: Swedishness

If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, well then, you know my ahem…obsession with Sweden. I know you think IKEA would have scratched my itch for all things Swedish.   I know. I have a problem…

But problem solved with Swedishness!

Really, how could I not love this site with all things Swedish? Like these shoes. These beautifully designed little shoes. And exquisite little animal puppets…

A charming little twist on the nesting doll trend. Who says only Babushkas should have all the fun? Sweden thinks otherwise. And Sweden puts little ears on its nesting dolls.

They even have these divine knitted goodies. Oh those impossibly small mittens and booties. If they were made for Swedish winters, I think they can handle the Bay Area on a cold day…

And check out this lush little dress that is joyous with color. Yeah–made in Sweden, natch.

Brio, only the coolest toy company in the universe… Based in Sweden. Yup.  And it is a dachshund. The coolest dog too!

Oh, this lovely site is just whetting my palette for Sweden.  I wish I could hop on a plane right now and go there!  Is it wrong that I want to celebrate St. Lucia although I’m not Swedish? Would it be wrong to put the Peach through her Swedish paces and invest in a little wreath with candles on it? Anyone actually dressed up as St. Lucia? Was it amazing?  Did it change your life? Inquiring minds want to know!

13 thoughts on “My dream site: Swedishness

  1. sorry for such blurry pics! need to get some better ones but there are the clogs my grandfather brought me back from sweden when i was a kid. truman now calls them his bowling shoes and wears them around the house

    i got these before smurfs hit the states and we had no idea who they were!

    my relies were from sweden and i grew up with real accents, i miss it! must travel there someday!

  2. Adorable! They’re all so vibrant. I have to say, I’ve been hip-deep in Sweden recently, but not the fun designy side (I’m reading the Stieg Larsson books!). It’s nice to see some happy pretty Sweden!

  3. Lish–those little clogs are probably the cutest thing in the universe and will now send me running to eBay to find a vintage pair for the Peach. I am completely obsessed with clogs for the past two years. My big life list has buying clogs in Sweden on it.

    And I bet you made the cutest St. Lucia!

    And I too like all things Scandinavian. Alicia Paulson from Posie gets cozy is also a lover of all things Swedish!

  4. Jody–I’ve heard so many good things about those books! Eric, my Mom, my Dad, my brother, my friends have all read this book.

    OK, I’m going to download it tonight on the old Kindle…

    Rock on Sweden!!!!

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