OMG. Let’s Chat Bad TV!!

Ahhhh! I had a whole other thing I was going to post about…..and I still will in a sec. But I happened to turn on The Voice last night and dammit if that stupid show didn’t SUCK ME RIGHT IN!!!!! I swear it was so entertaining. Did you watch?? I know there are a million of these vocal talent shows on these days (I admit to being an American Idol fan in the past….loved the Adam Lambert season and Wolfie and I watched the one that was two seasons later—with James Durbin and Scotty McCreary!). Lately I’ve been kind of rolling my eyes at them all….which is why I was stunned to find myself chucklin’ and grinning like a fool on the couch watching the chair turnin’ antics of The Voice. I’m not sure I’ll last through to see the winner, but I gotta I was totally enjoying the Blind Auditions. I mean,  the judges are reeeeeally charming. The banter between Adam Levine and Blake Shelton is especially fun. And there were some great contestants with very great back stories. Maybe not the BEST BEST voices necessarily (although some pretty great ones) but you couldn’t help but be happy for these people.  I’m serious. It was so fun.

There was so much to be amused by. Adam Levine was actually really sweet  to everyone. Blake Shelton’s drawl sounded like Hank Hill’s hip younger brother…..Christina’s boobies were bustin’ out of her bustier (and she had a little fan she kept waving around like Karl Lagerfeld)….AND of course, there was this:

OH YES. Aw heck, while we’re talkin’ TV I have one more show to dish about. Gallery Girls. Anyone? OMG……such trashy good TV. The premise is these 7 crazy New York girlies all trying to make it in the art world. Except “art” is soooooo bottom priority on the show compared to all the DRAMA. The three brunettes are all Brooklyn girls who have opened up their own boutique/gallery shop. They are all totally pretty/styish but totally pretentious and insanely self absorbed. They use up their annual eye-roll quota in the first 30 minutes. The other four are equally obnoxious….two super rich trust fund girls, one a wise-but-bitchy rehabber, the other a lonely drunk. They’re all kind of crazy. But it’s still SO GOOD!!!!! I swear as much as you hate them… love them.

My favorite is Chantal. She is so full of herself and as obnoxious and bitchy as she is….I looooooove her. I mean honestly, look at her —need I say more? HAH!

And guess what? They’re both on the SAME NIGHT! I love bad, trashy TV. (Yes I watch DANCE MOMS! And Real Housewives New York City….). They are a total guilty pleasure. Are you watching anything crazy?? C’mon…’fess up! What are your favorite shows, good or “legit”. (Hey, I was watching Downton Abbey and the BBCs Sherlock….do I get some fancy points for that?? Woot!) Can’t wait to hear what you guys are loving too! Any shows I should be checking out?

12 thoughts on “OMG. Let’s Chat Bad TV!!

    1. You MUST watch. It’s such a dishy guilty pleasure. VERY low on the art quotient! ALSO, The Voice will make you smile. Check it out tonight. You don’t have to commit to the whole season, and the winners and stuff, but the initial auditions are vastly superior to American Idol!

  1. Oh I’ve got to watch Gallery Girls, as a reformed “Artist”, I’d love to see it – AND the drama, of course.
    I’ve become a total Bachelor/Bachelorette addict. It’s not pretty. Bu I can’t help it! Did you see the new series Miss Advised? It follows 3 women who are all relationship experts of some kind, but they’re all totally bonkers and shouldn’t probably be advising anyone. It’s a bit of a train wreck but fun to watch them struggle through their single lives. (however, if I was single I think I’d probably find it too depressing!)

    1. Well trust me, you’ll roll your eyes when you see these girlies!! But it’s good fun. You can watch the first episode here:

      I havent’ watched the Bachelorette since the very first one, and then watched this season and was HOOKED!! What did you think of the guy she chose? He was soooo sweet, but I didn’t think they were a good match. I wanted her to chose Ari and then have Jef be the next bachelor! haha. (I felt so badly for Ari at the end…)

  2. I just caught up with all the episodes of Gallery Girls last night. I knew women who were actually like this when I used to spend time working in New York in my 20s and early 30s (though they worked in the magazine industry, not in the art world). Hilarious then and hilarious now! Another recent major guilty pleasure: the UK series Bad Girls, about a women’s prison. It’s eight seasons of melodrama and camp!

      1. I don’t know if Bad Girls ever aired in the States, but you should be able to find the series online. If not, let me know and I’ll burn it for you. Highlights: the two prostitutes known as “The Julies,” the torrid lesbian prisoner-and-wing-governor affair, and evil prison guard Jim Fenner. It is awesome and the guiltiest of pleasures!

  3. I watch Gallery Girls, Bad Girls C and, I watch ALL of the housewives….every last one (for shame). Unfortunately, I have nobody to talk to about this nonsense (my friends and family have better taste) so, I listen to gossip/recap podcasts of the shows (Watch What Crappens and After Buzz). I have a system going and it works.

    1. Watch What Crappens???? hahahahahaha where do i find this??
      OMG so i have finally parred down my Housewives to only Beverly Hills and New York….but oh yes I’ve seen them ALLLL (except DC). haha. I’m happy to chat any time!!

  4. I can’t watch Gallery Girls to save my life because they get on my nerves sooooo bad. And since my husband is in the art world, I hate for people to think that it’s really like it is on that show. And they never sell any freakin’ art!

    However, I love The Voice. I watched it religiously last year and couldn’t get enough of it. Last year, Cee Lo had this huge white persian cat that he kept with him and stroked while he talked. It was too hilarious. I watched the X-Factor last year and really got sucked in because it had so much amazing talent on it. I do admit to watching The Real Housewives of New York and the New Jersey one too. For some reason. Which I can’t fathom. But I do. Oh and admittedly, that Toddlers and Tiaras show though I know that I’ll probably be struck down by lightning for doing so.

  5. i’m way late on this but have a rare child-free moment during the day so i’m catching up on all my favourite blogs! my favourite guilty pleasure is the real housewives of new york. I only discovered it a couple of months ago and got completely hooked. I watched 2 seasons of it in 2 weeks! eek
    another one i love that is so so bad but so so good is “farmer wants a wife” it’s like the australian version of the bachelor i guess. A whole bunch of lonely farmers are set up with a bunch of girls and they have to pick one girl at the end who might want to marry them and move out to their farm to live with them. It’s so cheesy and awkward and just great. You should look it up!

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