Pump it up! The Revolutionary Method Fabric Softener Spray

For years, I was a huge fan of dryer sheets. I loved the extra softness it brought to my clothes, but I really hated those blasted crinkly, stick-to-everything sheets. I would be lying if I said I haven’t walked out of the house with one of those sheets stuck to the back of my pants. Sigh…


That is why I was particularly excited to hear about and try Method’s new Dryer Activated Fabric Softener Spray. Yes, I said SPRAY!

Instead of dealing with those lame sheets, the clever folks at Method have magically put all that cozy softness into a bottle so all you have to do is spray it four times into your dryer and let the heat of the dryer and the movement of your clothing tame all the scratchiness right out of your clothes. Your CLOTHES become the dryer sheet. Genius!

And what is particularly nice is that instead of gross tallow (a.k.a. beef fat) that a lot of other brands use, Method relies on friendly coconut oil to create its hypoallergenic spray, which is especially good news for the Peach and her super sensitive skin.

Speaking of the Peach, she not only loves the extra softness added to her clothes, but it is officially one of her new chores. She counts out the sprays with such glee and looks forward to helping mama out. Now, if she could only fold…

Speaking of folding. I have noticed since I started using Method’s Dryer-Activated Fabric Softener Spray that the our clothes don’t have as many wrinkles, which is a nice time and energy saver since I don’t have to plug the iron in and spend an extra hour or so ironing.

I gotta say, I’m totally crushing on the whole Method laundry system! Have you given it a try yet?

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