One month in…

This mourning thing is tough.

My mom has been staying with us since my father died and just returned home yesterday.  We hadn’t been apart since late May. We have been propping each other up throughout this whole experience and not having her at my side left almost as big a whole as my Dad.  It seemed that with Mom going home, I really had to deal with my grief alone and that Dad was truly gone.

I did get it together enough to go to dinner with Eric and the Peach the other night.  When she noticed my somewhat somber mood, the Peach asked me what was wrong.

“I miss Grandma.” I said.

The Peach took my hand and stroked it and looked me straight in the eye and said:

“I miss her too, Mama, but whenever you think of her or miss her, just call my name and I’ll come and give you a hug and tell you everything is gonna be OK.”

So, maybe it will all be OK, with this little wisp of a girlie at my side.

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