Kiddo Fieldtrip // The Closest I’ve Been to Johnny Depp

We always try to make the most of three day weekends.  A couple of special breakfasts like blueberry pancakes or biscuits and usually a fun trip somewhere out of the ordinary.  And going to see the tall ships at Jack London Square this past Saturday certainly fit the bill!  The tall —the Hawaiian Chieftain and the Lady Washington—came to Jack London Square and we were lucky enough to get a tour of these magnificent water vessels.

Founded on October 20, 1986 by Grays Harbor citizens, the Historical Seaport built and launched the brig Lady Washington. Since 1989, more than 200,000 students and over a million people have all walked her decks. They learned how 18th century mariners explored Grays Harbor and the west coast in search of wealth for the new nation of the United States.  The Lady Washington is a replica of the original Lady Washington. She also a bit of a movie star, and was featured in Pirates of the Caribbean.

And man, there is a lot of rope involved with these ships!

We were greeted by the amazing volunteers who dress in costumes which really helps bring the whole experience to life!  Somehow she has developed a liking for pirates and announced herself as one as soon as she boarded the ship.  Of course, the Peach was all over that ship and determined to see every nook and cranny of it.

We really appreciated the fun crew of volunteers who spend two weeks in training and then get to takes these beauties out on to the sea for months at a time. Truly the experience of a life time to say the least.  Definitely one for the old bucket list!  If I were a volunteer, I would totally learn how to do these amazing knot mats.

And I totally wouldn’t mind spending some time in this room…

Unfortunately, the adventure sails were sold out, but I really wanted to go on the a battle sale, which includes both ships, as they maneuver around each other in 18th century fashion and fire real cannon with real gunpowder (no cannon balls) at each other. Guests are encouraged to verbally taunt their adversaries. In both Battle Sails and Adventure Sails, guests have a chance to take the helm of a real tall ship and help raise a sail.

Well, the Peach is a bit young for that, but she enjoyed just marching around the boat.

(Her dress is from Tea Collection and her shoes are Livie and Luca.)


17 thoughts on “Kiddo Fieldtrip // The Closest I’ve Been to Johnny Depp

  1. SOOO fun!! If they are still there Ill have to take wolfie. I love Peach marching across the deck! And how funny that only YOU would say “oooh i have to learn how to MAKE those rope rugs!” I would have said, “Oh! I have to find out where to BUY one of those rope rugs!” hahaha

    1. Wolfie would love it! It will be in SF in early March! So, please go! I bet he would adore it! Hee hee–I will make you one of those rope rugs once I learn how to do it! Hee hee!

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