Polarn O. Pyret — O. Pathos!

I’ve always loved Swedish style.

It all goes back to when my parents moved to a house in Malibu across the street from a Swedish family.  They were glisteningly gorgeous to me as they sauntered around the neighborhood wearing clogs and simple, yet perfectly designed clothes with their young daughter Annika toddling behind them.

I wanted in. I told my mom I decided to become Swedish and I’d need a pair of yellow clogs to start.   Unfortunately, you can’t change your heritage with shoe fashion–at least according to my mother.

But I was determined.  I thought maybe I could marry my way in to that glorious country, which led to my thankfully short crush on the Swedish Chef from The Muppet Show. It ended because I  had no idea how to get to Sesame Street, which I had a feeling was rather far from Malibu…

But now I can soothe my inner Swede with goodies for the Peach from Polarn O Pyret, the insanely cute Swedish clothing company featuring well-made stripey goodness for kids AND all the preggie ladies out there.

Oh, I love Polarn O. Pyret so much. But really, how could I not when they  clearly know my weak points–like big gingham prints like this?

And that’s just the beginning. Check out these cute designs:

People, half of these jaunty pieces are on sale.  ON SALE. Up to 70 percent off.

Perhaps if I buy enough, they’ll make me an honorary Swede. A girl can dream…

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