Pssst! A secret vintage book giveaway.

OK, it’s not really a secret. But we’ve got a little sumpthin’ sumpthin’ going on with one of our favorite blogs around, Thompson Family Life. Danielle is SO cute and SO creative and SO sassy. She is a brilliant photographer, collects Blythe dolls (which gives her bonus points in my book), is an amazing mum AND operates her own business Kitschy Digitals (which you MUST check out! You’ll recognize the big juicy gold frames we’ve been using on our Weekly Kiddo from her shop!). But back to the not-so-secret-secret. Modern Kiddo is giving away a copy of the brilliant book, This is San Francisco by M. Sasek. Originally printed in 1965, the book has gorg illustrations (this is a new copy, so it’ll be pristine!). It’s just a little way of saying “Thank you!” (and give ya a peek at our beautiful city). To enter, skedaddle over to  Thompson Family Life! (And WELCOME to all you lovely folks that found us via Danielle!)

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