Birthday Party Fun :: Vintage Raggedy Ann Love

I was the only girl in my family. Outnumbered four to one growing up.  My childhood was filled with toilet seats left up, Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em robot fights, a never ending parade of noogies, and more sports stuff than I thought was legally possible to keep outside of professional teams.

But I had my Raggedy Ann.  We went everywhere together.  She was my confidant, my baby, my comfort.  Not a night past without her little yarn head tucked into the crook of my arm at bedtime. She was my stand-in baby girl until I had my own.

And then I did have my own.

I had high hopes that the Peach would immediately connect with Raggedy Ann, but I think it’s too early to tell. Until then, I will just spin my dreams of their future friendship with these gorgeous pictures taken by wonderfully talented Nicole Hill Gerulot of a Raggedy Ann party created by the event planner extraordinaire, Brittany Egbert of One Charming Party.  Be still, my heart!

Just stunning. Eh? Ladies, thank you.

Of course these photos sent me into a Raggedy Ann frenzy on Etsy, where I found these goodies:

These vintage cups would be perfect for tea parties in a few years, don’t you think?

Would it be wrong to make my child iron? Not with this awesome Raggedy iron! It almost makes ironing fun. ALMOST.

And just think of all of sweet pieces of clothing I could make for the Peach with this jolly vintage Raggedy Anne fabric!

Or I could just buy this incredibly cute Raggedy Ann inspired dress.

And my sweet Peach, it’s OK if you don’t love Raggedy like I do. Thanks for trying. Perhaps you’ll acquire a taste for Raggedy Ann when you are the sophisticated age of one. I love you all the more, for just being you, my sweetie Peachy little girl.

14 thoughts on “Birthday Party Fun :: Vintage Raggedy Ann Love

  1. That fabric is adorable! If the RocketBaby had windows I’d want it in curtains.

    Sidebar: my older sister, despite a lifelong abhorrence of all things girly, loved the Raggedy Ann Dottie-style. For her first birthday, my mother ordered a Raggedy Ann cake that somehow showed up blond, sans freckles, and in a legendary horrible dress. No pictures exist of the cake, but it became known in family legend as “Raggedy Dabinsky.”

    Lesson being: make your own Raggedy cake when the time comes.

    Happy birthday, Peach!

  2. Marla–such good news! I’ll keep the old Raggedy Ann around–just in case.

    And Jody–I love that your sister was a Raggedy Ann fan–Raggedy Dabinsky! HILARIOUS!

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