Kiddo Fieldtrip // The Moving Rainbow Explosion of Fun

This weekend Wolfie, Greg and I participated in one of the coolest things ever: The Color Run!

The Color Run is a unique 5 kilometres event unlike any other. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience that is less about speed and more about enjoying a crazy colorful day with your friends and family. All levels of experience are welcome, all that matters is that you participate—and that you wear white clothing! Why? Because at every 5 kilometer marker, runners get blasted with colored powder, turning the procession into a moving rainbow. And friends, it’s AMAZING!!

Soooooo, the run fills up really quickly and spots in the San Francisco run were all full. But that didn’t stop us! We decided we’d show up anyway to support the runners and check it all out. We weren’t sure if we could bring Sammy  (technically, I think dogs weren’t supposed to be there) BUT he’s such a big love, everyone just lit up when they saw him and ran over to pet him. With his big smile and wagging tail, he sort of became the unofficial “Happiness Mascot” of the SF Color Run!

We started hanging out at the pinkie red kilometer color marker and as you can see, Sammy really got into the spirit of things!

We decided to check out the blue team, and those guys were all was jealous that Sammy was all pink, so they got in on the action too—giving Sam a pretty baby blue bath. The powder, by the way, is an all natural non-toxic mix. It’s corn starch and color—and it’s safe to eat, although the warn you it’s highly caloric. Don’t taste the rainbow…

The race starts out slow….you see a handful of runners coming through, with a lil splash of color. And then suddenly you see a SEA of people and the color cloud gets bigger and bigger!


We didn’t make it over to the yellow station but it was SO great because we could see it in the distance and all you saw was this POOF of yellow. Even if you don’t run, you will still get lots (LOTS) of color splashes.

The finish line is one big colorful dance party…they toss out extra packs of color (and you can buy larger packs like that one up there) and people are just throwing color all over the place. Everyone is bouncing around and grinning. SO. MUCH. FUN! The whole scene looks like a futuristic, candy colored, post apocalyptic water color painting! Hmm, never thought I’d type THAT phrase!!

They gave away free Slurpees and Coconut Water too… Whoo hoo!

I can’t recommend this enough. And it’s a great thing to do with kids (whether they run or simply enjoy the color mania). They have Color Runs all across the country, through out the year. Even if you can’t run, you should head on down and check it out—in some ways its even more fun just volunteering and observing. There was so much happy energy in the place! Everyone was smiling {Special howdy do to our sweet pal Nuala from tea collection, who we ran into there!} Wolfie thought it was the coolest thing ever and wants to start training to run for next year!


We were soooooo filthy when we got home, and it took a while for us all to get cleaned up. So we decided to wait to bathe Sammy til the next day. Um…mistake. The blue dye is reeeeally tricky to get out! He’s nearly white, but still has little blue paws and tail.


This is the video that Wolfie and I watched back in January, and it was what sold us on the event! I hope you watch it with your kiddos too!

21 thoughts on “Kiddo Fieldtrip // The Moving Rainbow Explosion of Fun

  1. Those photos are amazing, especially the one of everyone throwing colors in the air at the same time! I like the one Wolfie too of you, too. Was this at Candlestick?

    This reminds me of the celebration of Holi in India, which I was lucky enough to experience once. All day long people bombard each other with colors like these. I was a terrible mess at the end and my clothes were RUINED! But it was such a wild time!

  2. Darling Sammie is thinking: What are my people up to now?????
    So, Rachel is getting ready to be a runner in the Color run in Ann Arbor, Michigan this coming Sunday!!!

    1. Oh we already have plans for the whole family to train for it! We were trying to all run it this year, but it was sold out! You should bring georgia to help throw powder. There was this amazing group of little girls and their big brother who were COVERED in pinkie powder and they were soooo cute!!! I think she’d love it!!

  3. It’s coming to Richmond in September, I’m signing us up!!!!!!!

    These photos look so… wait for it…. MAGICAL!!!!!!!!!!! and YOU KNOW I don’t use that word lightly.
    Seriously. They are dreamy and totally wacky.

    Cotton Candy SAMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So, so awesome, guys. Looks like a ton of fun, thanks for sharing!!!!!

    1. It was insanity and amazing!!! I will totally confess that the day we did it NOTHING was better!!!! The next day however, we were all “OK i’m over all this blue powder everywhere!!!!” hahaha. Honest to goodness, you don’t even have to run. Just go down this year to check it out and support the runners and play (volunteer to throw powder or just show up and wander around to all the stations like we did!). It’s a great way to get the kids used to the idea (Wolfie was amazed, like “WHat? We get to throw this on people and its OK??? YES!”) and then see if they actually want to run next year!!!!!

      Or make Matt and Henry run while you and Dotty watch-n-toss!!!! hee

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