Retro Flashback // Tasty Vintage Recipe Cards

A while back at the thrift store I spied a yellow box. I thought it looked like a good lil storage container and when I went to pick it up, it weighed about 20 pounds. What the? I opened it up and saw that it was filled with vintage Betty Crocker recipe cards. OHMUGERD.

There are SO many crazy cards in here, I wasn’t sure which to share with you. I mean, so I go with “Salads for Every Occasion”? “Men’s Favorites”?? The intriging “Come for Coffee” ??? But I had to go with “Recipes Children Can Make” and “Children’s Parties” because they were just OH-SO festive! I really don’t think I need to explain, now, do I?? Take a gander at THIS:


Oh who doesn’t love a balloon???

Oh woe to the poor kiddo who gets a “PATRIOTIC BIRTHDAY” with little George Washington LOG CAKES…..I love these wacky cards so much! Do you have a favorite??

Recently I went to a Midcentury BBQ where we all made dishes from cookbooks and recipe cards just like this. It was amazing! I’ll be sharing that next week….have you ever made anything from an old cook book?? Everything looked adorable/scary/fun/fabulous, but shockingly some things actually TASTED REALLY GREAT!

5 thoughts on “Retro Flashback // Tasty Vintage Recipe Cards

  1. This is just so adorable! It’s like Pintrest of Past or something. Question: Are these all supposed to be for kids or were adults eating hot dogs and mac and cheese? I actually just found an old cookbook in my mom’s house and was wondering what to do with it. I think a Mid-Century BBQ or cocktail would be a fantastic idea! Can’t wait to hear how yours went.

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