Vintage Kiddo Round up!

Well, before I skedaddle down to San Diego, I managed to fold a million baskets of laundry, get mah hair did, do wee bit of sewing, work—you’ll see that Thursday, tend to my sick kiddo and sick sweetie, continue my quest for the perfect pair of jeggings and lastly spend a bit of fun doing some online vintage shopping.

I think this is a particularly fun batch of vintage goodness, so without further ado—let’s get on with the show!

Now, you all know that I love a good jumper. But this little pique cotton jumper with a frog wearing a bathing suit and lined with green and white dottie fabric. With matching buttons… well, it’s just a cup of perfection!

I have always liked Ernie in particular what with his love of rubber duckies and all.  So I probably would have killed for this great vintage 70s Ernie awesome sweatshirt.

I am such a fan of yellow dresses on little girls.  And this buttercup cutie is so adorable. With matching coat no less. And look at those endearing flowers sprouting out of the pockets to boot.  What a great find from eBay fav RobotParade4Kids!

Miss Lishy has done it again with this wonderful overalls featuring only the best sport in the world–HOCKEY!  You gotta check this out–part groovy khaki denim part leiderhosen and all awesome.

As you know, I love a good cowboy-inspired piece of vintage clothing, but what about the Calamity Janes out there?  Well, look no further little cowgirl with this dandy western outfit which includes vest, skirt and belt.

I think I just fell hopelessly in love on Etsy. With these little red slippers.  They are size six, so they are quite tiny. And worn in just so. Can’t you just imagine some sweet little toddler footies as they tiptoed around a Lionel train set that circled the Christmas tree more than six decades ago?  I can and they are sweeter for it.

Speaking of sweet, nothing melts me more than a little sunsuit on a kiddo.  And this tiny vintage one-piece sunsuit is just perfection. Can’t you see this little outfit on your little one toddling towards you in the sandbox?

I  just had to post this sweet little 70s poly dress with the peppiest floral waistband.  And who can say no to a good peter pan collar, eh? Combined with puffed sleeves— I certainly can’t! From Etsy seller, Fresh & Swanky, which fits since this dress is so, well… fresh and swanky!

Babies always need hats, but this little beach beanie is adorable! So funny! Watch Out indeed!

And one last vintage hurrah—a veritable blast from the past—I bring you:


Who didn’t take spend some quality time with Dapper Dan learning how to tie shoes and button items? And this Dapper Dan looks like he has been manhandled with love through the years as he taught a lot of little lads and ladies how to button their shirts.  I salute you Dan and your gal pal Dressy Bessy. Thanks Etsy seller,  Vintage Belle for the lovely walk down memory lane.

Happy Monday and I’ll catch ya’ll tomorrow from a sunnier Southern city.

6 thoughts on “Vintage Kiddo Round up!

  1. honored to be the first to comment on monday’s retro roundup!! you know i love it so!! i want that yellow outfit for ME! that coat is increds!!! one of the greatest round ups ever.

    hope peachy is feeling better !!

  2. I’m loving that hat….I don’t supposed I could get away with putting wolfie in it?? (I’d wear it but as we all know I have a colossal head and it would never fit).

    I’m still sick as a dog, but this did make me smile!

  3. I love that little sunsuit–you can’t see it, but the pattern is of marching bands. How stinky cute is that.

    That hat is hilarious to me. it is soo Benny Hill!

    I’m sorry you are still under the weather Alix. Lots of rest lady, and soothing honey tea. And a trip to Target? Tee hee!!

    The Peach is better, but the hubby is got sick. Yikes! Must stay well… must stay healthy…

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