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Monday Vintage Madness!

I can’t believe we are already half way through October. Sob! This very special, beautiful month just scoots on by so fast! And this weekend was supposed to be full of all sort of Autumnal goodness, but I was on the cusp of getting sick, so I decided to lay low in hopes of shrugging off any full blown illness.  Sigh… But I did have a bit of time to round up some super cute vintage goodies to share with you. Enjoy!

Oh my!  If this stripey friend was a 5T I would buy it in a heartbeat! Orange stripes!  Perfect for this Halloweeny month! From Etsy seller, Little Part.

Look folks, I’m only human. So you understand that I HAD to share this darling vintage plaid boys jumpsuit with the lion applique.  Killing me with the cuteness here! From the marvelous Ms. Tips.

Now here is a rarity–a big girl size 10 vintage shirt in the perfect red gingham.  Couldn’t you just see this sweet shirt under a fun t-shirt? LOVE! From Etsy seller, Bondplace Vintage.

Um… There is a bucket of awesome crammed into this little vintage shirt. That skyline? Amazing. Beyond amazing. And didn’t one of the designers from Project Runway win the Rockettes challenge with this exact same idea? Hmm…. Just sayin’… From Etsy seller, Hey Sweetie Pie!

How could I not include a little Big Big vintage goodness after he’s been in the press so much this past week. Tee hee! But this puzzle is super!  From Etsy seller Oliver’s Forest, who also has a terrific Ernie one too!

I know I featured great vintage costumes last week, but check out this perfect little Pinnochio costume, hand sewn by a seriously awesome mama back in the day. I totally wouldn’t pass judgement if you told everyone that you made this yourself. From one of my favorite Etsy sellers ever 1 Sweet Dream Vintage, who sold me the sweetest rainbow ballerina costume and found the little arm puffs and sent them to me months later. What a doll you are, lady!

OK–another awesome find for in a bigger size! And what a beauty–this amazing kilt with a green yarn edging.  Pure seventies magic. And that buckle? Divine! Well played, FuzzyMama...

These sweet candy corn pants is just one of many different vintage Halloween treats Miss Lishyloo has in her shop right now.  Oh, why can’t all veggies be so sweet as candy corn!

Etsy seller LadiDottie posted a photo that was more of a close up of this sweet vintage kitty sweater, but I had to include the model because she is one of my all time favorite models on Etsy and you all needed to see that cuteness. And the sweater.

I would have traded my Mork & Mindy suspenders for this sweet rainbow vest when I was a kiddo.  All would have bowed down to me on the black top in this beauty. And good gravy, are those polka dots? POLKA DOTS?!?! FIE, A Pear’s Vintage Goodies.

Happy Monday, folks!

Springy Vintage Finds!

Hi, hi everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!  I did!  It started with a lovely little brunchie with the Peach and ended with homemade cookies and watching Games of Thrones. And a lovely gab with my Mom!  I wanted to do a little hurrah for my own Mom similar to that lovely piece Alix did for her beautiful mama, but alas, I didn’t have any old photos of her. But just you wait!

Anyhoo! I did have some time to find some great vintage goodies to share with you, friends!

I’m beyond in love with this little bicentennial romper. A completely U. S. of Yay piece of vintage! From Etsy seller,

Here is another red, white and blue vintage find! A great knit deadstock skirt. Cindy Brady would have totally rocked this skirt. From Grace Paradise.

Oh, this sweet little Hawaiian dress is perfect for a spring party! Utterly charming and what great colors too! From Etsy seller, MidCentury Marfa.


For the past few weeks, every round up has included something involving a giraffe. And this week’s

Lazer Baby!

You can’t help but smile when you see

I’m totally in love with

I think the best parts of design/deco are the small details that just can’t help but make you smile! Like these great vintage

I remember watching my brothers look at the stars with Fuzzymama!

Happy Monday, folks!

It’s the Vintage Kiddo Retro Round Up!

Hello my friends! I hope you had a lovely weekend and spent a good bunch of it celebrating Mother’s Day. Sadly, I spent yesterday in the emergency room due to little Miss Peach taking a tumble down the stairs. Fortunately, Peaches bounce and she’s fine. It was prolly one of the worst moments of motherhood but let me tell you, there’s nothing like spending Mother’s Day in the hospital surrounded by really sick kids to make you appreciate having a healthy and safe child.

But enough of that—let’s get to sharing some grand vintage goodies, yes? And, friends, I must tell you I did a bang-up job of finding goodies today!

Look at these little Siamese kitties on this perfect wee red dressie. You can’t even look at this without singing to yourself that song from Lady and the Tramp. From Etsy seller, Accomplice Vintage.

And I can’t leave the dog lovers out so I found this wonderful widdle vintage boy’s shirt and a snappy little Scotty dog—in plaid natch! From Etsy seller, Oh Dear Things.

I’m a big believer in music for kids. Listening as well as playing. And this sweet vintage set would be a terrific addition to any play room.  A kazoo trombone? Genius. From Ebay seller, Ice Cream Girlie.

I really have a soft spot for knits. Especially this darling vintage two piecer with wee duckies. Did I mention the duckies? From Ebay seller, tailofwhoa.

Speaking of knits, I also love a good knit sweater. And this might be the cutest little knit sweater I’ve seen in years. The little embroidered flowers are so sweet! From Ebay seller, the Robot Parade.

I adore those old vintage puzzles. But I’ve never seen one of a repairman. Hee. Have you?? From Etsy seller, Bella Blonde.

I think these vintage tops could be seen as art as well as toys. And I like the kitty on this one too!  From Etsy seller, Nik Nak Nook.

Vintage prep is totally a hot look right now, so these sweet little plaid golf shorts would be a brilliant look for any little kiddo this summer. From sassy new Modern Kiddo sponsor, B. Inspired!

Seeing this sweet set of die cast toy cars brought back memories of my brothers playing with them and keeping their matchbox cars in a faux toy tire that had slots for each car! From Etsy seller, OopsieDaisy.

With summer RIGHT around the corner some little cutie is going to benefit from this comfy cool little gingham friend!  And did you notice the little birds with the umbrellas?  From Miss Frecklewonder’s cutie patootie shop—Kid Wonder.

OK, I had to share one more. Because THIS is just too amazing. Vintage Mary Poppins NEEDLEPOINT? How grand would this look in your kiddo’s nursery. And talk about the perfect easy breezy craft to do this summer. Perfect for traveling. Pretty please someone please buy this before I do! From one of our fave sponsor’s, Sweet Shop Vintage.

Happy Monday!

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The Return of the Vintage Kiddo Retro Round Up!!

Hurrah! We are back!!  And we’ve missed ya’ll something fierce! We’ve been heartbroken over our site shenanigans, but don’t you worry, we are back with oodles of goodies and fun things ahead! Just you wait.

But enough chit chat—I spent the weekend returning to some of my favorite online haunts to bring you some super sassy vintage goodness for your wee ones.  So… ON WITH THE SHOOOOOWWW!!!

Let’s start with something so sweet that it makes cotton candy look like cauliflower.  Can I haz cheeseburger? Perhaps not, but you can own this divine little shirt from the divine Frecklewonder.

Check out this rompertastic little goodie with an applique lion. You know how we feel about lions here at MK headquarters… From Etsy seller, Lisagrahamgram4m3a.

This little dress is dedicated to The Devil-Ettes because that Mondrian style color-blocking is pure Devil-Ettes. From Etsy seller, Fuzzymama.

Be it ever so humble, there is nothing cuter than these little overalls.  From eBay seller, 1marcella.

What could possibly make a darling tweed vintage jacket even cuter? How about some embroidered flowers?  Oh and don’t even talk about the red buttons.  Perfect for the winter months…  From Etsy seller, Oh Sydney. Oh, and the coat is FIVE DOLLARS!!!

If you are going to wear a sweater with dinosaurs, you must make sure they are wearing hats.  And fortunately, Etsy seller, StellaBluz has one available. Phew!

Somewhere out there its yachting weather.  And wherever that is a little girl could be wearing this darling tunic and pants set. outfit.  From Etsy seller Annalee.

it’s scarecrow season and corduroy season, so let’s combined the two in the wonderful harvest time overalls from our girl Lishyloo!

I have a long history of loving pinstripes in unusual places. And a little girl certainly isn’t a place to find them, but aren’t they cute when combined with little heart flowers? What a great find Pirate B00ty!

The Etsy seller, Crissywrong titled this shirt as 18-24 months of awesomeness. And really, who am I do say no to that? The only thing I can say is that it is only $14.00. FOURTEEN DOLLARS, PEOPLE. Crissy Wrong, your name should be Crissy RIGHT for finding this gem!

I have to list this wonderful little jacket because my sweetie Eric just bought pretty much the same thing! Perfect for your little Mad Men gent in the making! From our gal, 3 Ring Circus.

We started this round up with a squeak from a mouse and we’ll a lion’s roar with this terrific little winter jacket ready to brave whatever Jack Frosts tosses our way! From Etsy seller, the Fancy Tail.

Happy Monday, people and I’m so very happy we are back!

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Vintage Kiddo Round up!

Well, before I skedaddle down to San Diego, I managed to fold a million baskets of laundry, get mah hair did, do wee bit of sewing, work—you’ll see that Thursday, tend to my sick kiddo and sick sweetie, continue my quest for the perfect pair of jeggings and lastly spend a bit of fun doing some online vintage shopping.

I think this is a particularly fun batch of vintage goodness, so without further ado—let’s get on with the show!

Now, you all know that I love a good jumper. But this little pique cotton jumper with a frog wearing a bathing suit and lined with green and white dottie fabric. With matching buttons… well, it’s just a cup of perfection!

I have always liked Ernie in particular what with his love of rubber duckies and all.  So I probably would have killed for this great vintage 70s Ernie awesome sweatshirt.

I am such a fan of yellow dresses on little girls.  And this buttercup cutie is so adorable. With matching coat no less. And look at those endearing flowers sprouting out of the pockets to boot.  What a great find from eBay fav RobotParade4Kids!

Miss Lishy has done it again with this wonderful overalls featuring only the best sport in the world–HOCKEY!  You gotta check this out–part groovy khaki denim part leiderhosen and all awesome.

As you know, I love a good cowboy-inspired piece of vintage clothing, but what about the Calamity Janes out there?  Well, look no further little cowgirl with this dandy western outfit which includes vest, skirt and belt.

I think I just fell hopelessly in love on Etsy. With these little red slippers.  They are size six, so they are quite tiny. And worn in just so. Can’t you just imagine some sweet little toddler footies as they tiptoed around a Lionel train set that circled the Christmas tree more than six decades ago?  I can and they are sweeter for it.

Speaking of sweet, nothing melts me more than a little sunsuit on a kiddo.  And this tiny vintage one-piece sunsuit is just perfection. Can’t you see this little outfit on your little one toddling towards you in the sandbox?

I  just had to post this sweet little 70s poly dress with the peppiest floral waistband.  And who can say no to a good peter pan collar, eh? Combined with puffed sleeves— I certainly can’t! From Etsy seller, Fresh & Swanky, which fits since this dress is so, well… fresh and swanky!

Babies always need hats, but this little beach beanie is adorable! So funny! Watch Out indeed!

And one last vintage hurrah—a veritable blast from the past—I bring you:


Who didn’t take spend some quality time with Dapper Dan learning how to tie shoes and button items? And this Dapper Dan looks like he has been manhandled with love through the years as he taught a lot of little lads and ladies how to button their shirts.  I salute you Dan and your gal pal Dressy Bessy. Thanks Etsy seller,  Vintage Belle for the lovely walk down memory lane.

Happy Monday and I’ll catch ya’ll tomorrow from a sunnier Southern city.