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Retro Rainbow // BLACK + WHITE

About a year or so ago I did a really fun collaboration with one of my best pals, Jenny Mitchell. We have known each other for over ten years—yet we’ve never lived in the same state. Along the way, our fabulous friendship has spanned 2786 miles, three different blog platforms (hello LiveJournal!), the birth of two kiddos, and countless conversations about life, love of pop culture and our common obsession: thrifting. We started the Retro Rainbow as a means of  sharing some of our favorite finds with each other— all with a special color theme.

When the series originally ran, I was guest posting on Jenny’s blog and she on MK. I never actually shared my finds here, so I thought it would be fun to do so. Today’s theme? Black & White!

 photo FlowerPins1.jpg

 photo HanLeia_2copy.jpg

 photo Glove1-1.jpg

 photo FlowerBagcopy.jpg

 photo drinking_glasscopy.jpg
 photo KittyBanglecopy.jpg

 photo FlowerBag.jpg

 photo tunic1.jpg

 photo BWjacket.jpg

 photo BW_shoes.jpg

 photo BWdrawing.jpg

 photo Sculptura-1.jpg

 photo Samsonite1.jpg

 photo PurseHandbag.jpg

 photo Sunglasses-1.jpg

Ahhh, I love color but Black and White has been slowly taking over my world. So bold and graphic! Oh, and that last phone purse up there?? It really works! I call it my Spy Purse….you can plug it into the wall and make a call. Ring Ring! Ring Ring! The 70s are calling….they want to let you know you look FABULOUS.

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4 Responses

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  1. babyshapes says

    The phone purse is…THE BEST THING EVER. I do declare…nothing that exists or will exist, will ever compare to its awesomeness.

    • Alix says

      I know, I love it sooo much!

  2. mom101 says

    Love everything!

    I have a matching Ericophone–only mine is in pink and I have one in a mint green. We should call each other. (If I ever get a land line again.)

    • Alix says

      hahaha awesome!! I have a red one too. Let’s totally call each other! 😉

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