Retro Rainbow // This Week’s Color? AQUA

Heeeeeeey Modern Kiddos!

It’s Jenny here on this Retro Rainbow Wednesday and I’m super excited about this week’s color! Alix and I chose AQUA as our color (and I might have bent the rules a little by pulling some turquoise and teal as you might notice.) I knew before I even started my hunt that a lot of my finds would be in the domestics department. You know, dishes, housewares, that sort of thing. It was a bit of a challenge for me to find some non-kitchen goodies, but I think I pulled it off!

I hope you enjoy my picks and as always, don’t forget to stop by Frecklewonder to see what Alix has to share. You and I both know that she always finds some gems!

Happy Wednesday!

Aw jeez louise, Jenny nailed it! It’s all amazing but the radio and the clock?? Um YEAH. Hello! And I love the pyrex. In such extra purdy shape! Stay tuned for next week when we’ll be spotlighting a color that just might surprise you! Heh. That’s all I’m gonna say.

Don’t forget to swing on over to frecklewonder to see what crazy aqua goodies I managed to scare up!

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23 thoughts on “Retro Rainbow // This Week’s Color? AQUA

    1. oh my gosh, i had no idea how loved the jergen’s lotion bottle would be!!!!! i picked it up like a decade ago, and almost ever since, it’s been ignored — tucked in my bathroom closet.

      she’s a thing of beauty! I think it’s time to prominently display her!!

  1. Thanks for the trip down memory lane….my grandmother in NY had a salt and pepper set like that in the early 60s…and we are still using her Pyrex mixing bowls and 2-sided baking/serving dish!

    1. my lovely MIL gave me those s+p shakers!!! Actually, the Butterprint pattern was her wedding pattern!!! I had already collected that pattern from years and years ago and then she gave me A TON of it. Said the aqua belonged in my house 😉 LUCKY ME!!!

  2. That Jergen’s lotion bottle will keep me up at night–I love it so darn much! The magical things found in your and Alix’s house constantly amaze me! AMAZE ME!!! And that radio. Sigh!

    1. hahaha, Dottie you are too much girl.
      I’ll tell you: this little series has inspired me to clean up and find a better way to display some of these treasures that are being slightly neglected (ahem, jergen’s bottle!)
      thank you for having me in this space each week, friend!!

    1. mine too, girl! 1950s aqua is the dreamiest!
      Do you meant the snowflake pattern? I’m not sure what the name is — I actually just googled ‘pyrex snowflake’ and it came up! 😉

  3. jergens is what i use and now i must have a vintage jergens bottle, though, preferably, just black & white. i’m searching ebay and etsy right now!

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