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Retro Rainbow // This Week’s Color is PURPLE!

Howdy Friends!

It’s the second to last week of the Retro Rainbow and here it is: the color that totally stumped this color lover, PURPLE. Oh my gosh, purple is a crack up. I was worried I wouldn’t find a single thing. I’ve honestly never really been a fan of purple, I prefer the purples on the bluesy side of the spectrum if anything. So when I started poking around for purple, all my finds were purple and SOMETHING—no straight up purples. So you’ll be seeing purple + green, purple + yellow, purple + pink and so on. Also, apologies for the photo quality on some of these… we’ve had the busiest stretch of days getting all our ducks in a row for a new school year and cramming in every last bit of fun into these last days of summer. Of course I waited until the 11th hour to snap the photos and of course I was battling a big ol’ cloudy sky.

Next week is our last week friends! What do you think the color will be?? Do you have a favorite so far? I think my answer would be… everything but purple!! HAHA! But that would be an awful thing to say, since it’s PURPLE WEEK! ACK, I take that back… on with ze purples!!!!!!

xoxo Jenny

ps — as always, get your fannies over to Frecklewonder to see what amazing + lovely treasures Miss Alix was able to scare up!

Mmm hmmmm…..Alix here. I love how Jenny is all, “ooooh purple, I don’t have ANY purple” and then LOOK what she busts out!! That incredible embroidery….the suitcase….the sheets….the sun romper….that little box of flashcards with the amazing illustration on front?  It’s all so fun! You know what I’m realizing Miss Jenny? I think you have more 50s/60s stuff and I have more 60s/70s stuff, which is why aqua was a dream for you (it’s such a classic 50s shade!) and a little trickier for me! And with my smooth 70s stylings, I had more purple to scare up (because avocado and marigold aren’t the only 70s colors!) and it was a tad trickier for you.

Soooooo, ok. We only have one more week left of our Summer Project. ONE MORE WEEK friends! I don’t think I want this to end! I feel like we need to do Phase 2! What say you people? Should Retro Rainbow go Autumn???

As an aside, it’s my birthday today, so perhaps I can use this as leverage with Ms. Freckle to CARRY ON!!!! Be sure to pop by frecklewonder to see my purple finds!


Psst! Are you new to the Retro Rainbow? It’s Jenny and my special summer “Correspondence in Color”.  So far we’ve covered Green (Alix & Jenny), Yellow (Alix & Jenny), Brown (Alix & Jenny), Aqua (Alix & Jenny), Tangerine (Alix & Jenny), Pink (Alix & Jenny), and of course Red/White/Blue (Alix & Jenny). You can also check out our colorful Retro Rainbow pinboards if you wanna follow along! Mine is here, Jenny’s is here. See ya next Wednesday!

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  1. Natalie says

    Oh my gosh, what fun things! Did you use NEW finds or all things you already had? Just curious, because if you could find all of that in a week, WOW! What a haul!

    • Alix says

      Hi Natalie! We “shop” our collections….so all things we have around the house. (This WOULD be an incredible haul for one week!!!) : )

      • Natalie says

        Oh ok, fun! Like I said on Freckle, I just pop in when I need some cheer 🙂 I also adore the chenille throw! So beautiful.

  2. lishyloo says

    happy day alix!! whats with the clown and that butt!!! lol the purple chenille is to die.

    • Alix says

      hahaha THANK YOU LISHY!!!!! xoxo

    • jenny says

      the clown card = officially the weirdest early 1900s postcard I have in my collection 😀

  3. Dottie says

    I love this round up of goodies! And I must say that i particularly enjoyed the record books and reminds me that I need to buy some more for the Peach who is now obsessed with them! I can’t wait to check out your goodies over at zee Freckle!

  4. lisa-gabrielle says

    Love it ALLLLLL !!!!
    ….and happy b-day dear ALIX…you bring a smile to me on a constant basis ! Hope those boys of yours does something extry-special for you!

  5. Betty Aguilar says

    Happy birthday Alix! Although we’ve never met I’ve certainly heard a lot about you from Jenny (I’m her mom). I hope your birthday is chock full of wonderful things ~

  6. Mom in Mendon says

    What a great project! Designmom sent us over to have a look.

  7. liz says

    whoa….that purple chenille is a must!!! reminds me of one my mom has. i try to snag it everytime i go over there but she’s doesn’t seem to want to let it go 😉

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