Sometimes You Gotta Zag. PALM SPRINGS.

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Oh why does it sometimes take me FOREVER to get a post up? So this is a post about Thanksgiving. Wait wait wait! Don’t click away! I promise, no turkeys. It’s about Palm Springs. Typically Thanksgiving is all about hunkering down at home, cooking all day and enjoying a fabulous feast with friends and family. It’s how we’ve always spent it, hanging with our “local family” (flying on Thanksgiving is pretty exhausting/crowded/stressful/expensive so we haven’t done it in quite a while). But this year we wanted to do something different. Sooooo, we hopped in our car and drove down to Palm Springs. It was totally different from anything we have ever done, and many of our friends raised a brow (“Wait what? You’re going where?”) but it was such a relaxing and doable holiday for we Northern Californians. It left us asking, “Why haven’t we done this before??”

Palm Springs is a special place for us, because it’s where Greg and I got married. It’s also stuck in an amazing mid-century time warp that we love. Really fabulous architecture in a desert oasis! It’s kind of a photographers dream….so I hope you won’t mind indulging me in a few posts about our pretty pretty adventure. The weather has been cold and rainy here, so it’s been fun getting a peek at some sunshine.

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We knew we wanted to stay at a fun hotel—with an awesome pool. There are SO many great options, but we ended up at that Pinterest dream, The Saguaro. It was really fantastic. For a color loving gal like myself, I was in heaven!

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We love just driving around and looking at all the cool buildings. The Del Marcos Hotel, for example, is *so* cute!

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We love going out to breakfast…we went to Cheeky’s {@ 622 n. palm canyon dr.} and it was SUPER yum. Some highlights? Greg got the eggs bennie and a grown up slushi {“antioxidant acai, blueberry and kale icee…oh my!} and I got some amazing waffles with lemon curd AND I couldn’t resist trying The Bacon Flight (5 kinds of bacon! Including maple balsamic, rosemary sugar and jalapeno!). The one odd thing on the menu was Wolfie’s breakfast—the buttermilk and corn pancakes. I assumed they were cornmeal, but it was a short stack of buttermilk pancakes with some big ol sweet corn kernals tossed in. Wolfie was horrifed haha.

It gets crowded, so you have to wait a bit but we had a great time!

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We drove by the infamous Alexander House on Ladera Circle….which coincidentally was where Greg and I were married!

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It was so special to share the place where we married with Wolfie.  (You can get a peek inside the house here!)

I have lots more pictures to share…a couple of fun vintage shops, and I wanted to share a bit more of the SAGUARO hotel as well as the glamorous PARKER hotel. It was just the big Modernism Week in Palm Springs and I was checking out all the fun photos my friends Heather and Danielle posted on instagram and it sooo made me long for the sun!

4 thoughts on “Sometimes You Gotta Zag. PALM SPRINGS.

  1. My bestie and I are planning a trip to PS for the summer, when we’re both done with the leeches sucking on our ta-tas. We can’t wait and are in the beginning phases of planning. I was going to shoot you an email for your recommendations, so this post comes at a perfect time. Such a great idea to get away for Thanksgiving… Now I’m going to go back and click on all your links within 😉

  2. I swear, the place looks magical! How long was the drive down there? I was thinking it might make a nice mid way stop to Disneyland!

    The place seriously looks stunning. Totally droolworthy to say the least!

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