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I must admit that on the eve of the Peach’s first birthday, I am rather wracked with guilt.

I’m not throwing her a birthday party.

Partly because I just can’t deal with throwing a party. Some people are effortless party throwers.  Other people start to hyperventilate the moment the invites go out and have several nervous breakdowns until the event just thinking about gift bags, entertainment for kids from age 13 to 3 months and how will they be able to blow up 250 balloons in 15 minutes and vacuum the cat and UGGGGHHHH!

Excuse me while I find a paper bag to breath into…

When the Peach is the lofty age of 12 or so and starts asking about her first birthday, I am fully prepared to lie and tell her we had a big blowout involving dancing bears, handmade glitter play dough and Lady Gaga.  I’m sure a couple of hours on Photoshop could produce some sweet fake photos of this event as “proof”. You’ll stand behind me, right? Right?

But the one thing she will have is a proper cake.

Don’t get me wrong. I love a good cupcake.  The indulgent frosting. It’s demitasse serving size.  The snuggy comforting taste of it.  It is like holding a bit of one’s childhood in the palm of your hand.

But sometimes you need to break out the big guns and get a cake.


And if you need that kind of cake, then let me introduce you to Krista Markell and Sugarcoat it Studios.

Krista has my heart. You see, she did the extraordinary. She ditched her full-time fancypants corporate gig to follow her passion. And her passion was cakes. I gotta admit with cakes as gorgeous as this, well,…I’m happy she quit her job.

You see what I mean?

These cakes are bananas. Actually, I’m sure Krista could make a banana cake if you asked! She made me coconut! Mmmm coconut.  She’d even put harajuku girls on it I asked for it, like Kate and Callie did. Yup, Krista is that cool.

Lucky Kent to have a cake this awesome!

This cake KILLS me it is so stunning. And matching invitation from Stolen Plate Press. Krista and Etienne work together often to create matching invites and cakes. I bow to their awesomeness.

This one takes the cake! (Hahaha!!! Who says puns are out of fashion?)

Thank you, Krista!

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  1. Seriously, these cakes are amazing! I love a sloppy little homemade chocolate cake….but these are like works of art!!!!! And they taste amazing too. Hmmmm…..cake.

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