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Hello Lucky! Parties & Pretties

Oh my. So I’ve seen a few Circus birthday parties in my time. (You might remember this gorgeous circus party from Sandy of The Winding Road.) I have to say it’s the one theme that never really grows old for me….I’m still totally charmed by them! I was so excited to discover this deeeeelightful party from the ladies of Hello! Lucky. Little Jude was turning 1, and boy did his mama turn it out!

The cookies! The cake! It’s all perfect….down to the red stripy napkins! (found via Shop Sweet Lulu) These cupcakes are also so sweet. I love the homemade look to them and the rad little flags.

These super charming birthday hats were made out of pom poms, ruffly paper trim, stickers and poster board. LOOVE! You could also just get ready-made hats and add some poms and stickers to embellish them.

Here’s the adorable little Jude with dueling pianos!

Hee! I love the “ring of fire” hula hoop! Classic! And an upside down, flower pot becomes a great little circus stand with a little red and white paint.

How cute, huh? [can we discuss the amazing outfits on the grown ups?? high fives!] You can see even more of this terrific party on the Hello! Lucky blog.

While we’re on the topic of Hello! Lucky, I had to share some of their goods. A few years ago I was at a holiday warehouse sale and found their shop—where I was able to scoop up stacks of amazing letterpress cards for a song. I’ve been a fan ever since!

Hello! Lucky was founded by two very talented sisters, Eunice and Sabrina Moyle. Eunice Moyle is the creative director: a talented illustrator who began designing birth announcements and party invitations for friends and printing them on her antique Vandercook press. On a whim, she sent her card designs to Kate’s Paperie in New York City, and they immediately placed an order. Hello!Lucky was in business!

All their designs are super charming but I thought it would be fun to take a look at some sassy birthday announcements! Take a look and you’ll see what I mean:

They also do gorgeous custom letterpress announcements. Take a gander at these:

I’m a big fan of these sassy ladies! Be sure to swing by Hello! Lucky and see all of their beautiful work.

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Happy Birthday Kiddo: Rainbow Brite.

I’m one of those gals who is a little extreme when it comes to spending money. I’m either spending $200+ on a schmancy Marc Jacobs handbag or I’m spending $2 on a bag from the thrift store or something from Target. It’s sort of working for me. I’m not at all opposed to throwing down money on something beautiful or well made, as long as it’s “special”. That’s why I’ll never throw down crazy money for, say, a Prada t-shirt. Makes no sense to me. At the same time, I LOVE getting creative and snazzing something up that was really affordable. One of the things I’m most proud of here at Modern Kiddo is that we feature a range of stuff. It’s true, some days we post gorgeous-but-spendy European clothes—and why not? I think it’s perfect eye candy and great for a splurge! At the same time, we’ll also offer up totally affordable things from Target and our beloved recycled vintage items from Etsy and ebay. Which all leads me to today’s post. A clever birthday party for an amazing little girl. If you are one of our original readers, then perhaps you already know this adorable little lass. The fabulous Miss Pippi:

I love this kiddo! She’s got mad style and clearly a most adorable personality to boot! Last weekend she celebrated her 3rd birthday. Her mama Heather told me that she didn’t have much time to throw together the party and had to get creative. Well, let’s just say I can’t wait to see what this talented lady cooks up when she HAS time. I think this is one of the cutest parties ever, and what I love most about it is that it was super simple, sweet and affordable. The theme? Rainbows.

(That expression kills me. “Um, can everyone please stop looking at me? I’m trying to focus on my cake!”)

Um, yeah. The cake? HELLO. I thought it was adorable before they cut into it….but now?? WOW.

Pip’s older brother Dax was the DJ for the party (how cool is that kid??) and I’m told the set list included some old school faves like Billy Idol, Michael Jackson and a personal fave, Kung Fu Fighting. Aw yeah! I love this family.

Please note La Pip hopping on the trampoline in the background….too cute!

To keep the party easy peasy, Pippi’s mama picked up some rainbow tissue paper banners and a couple dozen balloons in rainbow colors. She scored rainbow tooth brushes and Care Bear gummy bears from the .99 cent store and the lollipops and sixlets candy were from Oriental Trading Co.—which all made for super fun and colorful favors. In addition to the amazing cake, they ordered some yummy pizzas, cut up fresh fruit in rainbow colors and added a batch of rainbow cupcakes to sweeten the deal. All totally do-able, affordable and completely adorable.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE LADY!! We think you’re pretty great.

Love, yer pals at Modern Kiddo.