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And then we went to Disneyland.

A few months ago we went to Disneyland and OOOOH was it a blast. It can be a bit overwhelming traveling there with kids, so I have a big ol’ TWO PART-Part post going up Wednesday and Thursday with all my tips and tricks. Are you planning on hittin’ up the Magic Kingdom this summer or fall? Do you have any questions? Please feel free to post ’em in the comments and I’ll be sure to answer them in my post!

(We don’t look that happy but I swear it’s just we are squinting in the glare of the sun!)

(This is Wolfie’s, “Stop taking pictures mama and get in the tea cup!!” face.)

It’s a fact. Pretzels taste even better when they’re shaped like MICKEY.

Um so yeah….we had a great time! Whenever I go, my photos are always a bit all over the place….and that’s how it should be. You need to spend the day having a blast and taking it all in—not just snapping photos. We usually go for two days but this was a one day trip. Our boy was exhausted by the end of the day, but as you can see by the smiles, we loved every minute of it!

OK, so don’t forget to ask any questions you have! I’ll definitely answer them tomorrow and Thursday!


Vintage Monday :: The Fine Fashions of Retro Disneyland

My bio on Flickr has always said, “My name is Alexandra. Some people call me Alix. I’m addicted to thrifting. I love Disneyland and Christmas.” And really, I can’t think of two things that make me feel more nostalgic and happy than Christmas and Disneyland. I’m not a Disneyana lover—I don’t collect little pins or modern Mickey paraphernalia. But old school Disneyland? I die. It makes me so happy. Much like vintage airline stuff (which also gets me doing a happy dance), it was more of a special occasion back in the day. Less about flip flops and tank tops and more about dressing up and enjoying the magic of The Happiest Place on Earth. So when my friend Andrea‘s hubby Ward called my attention to Kevin Kidney’s blog, well, I just about died. You must swing and see what he has going. His friend Tim Haak discovered “a treasure trove of twelve original color negatives showcasing females in fabulous clothes against the fairy-tale backdrop of Disneyland.”  He’s not sure the history behind them, but he said they were taken for the April 9, 1961 issue of Midwest Magazine, a supplemental newspaper insert in the Chicago Sun-Times. High fashion AND vintage Disney?? I’m in heaven! Kevin is my new hero…..please visit his blog to see these photos in their full size glory, but for now enjoy this little peek:

Mad Hatter ain’t got nothin’ on that sassy dame. And look who we have here….casually chillin’ by the pirate ship. “Loving yer haaaarrrrrrrrrrr, lady!”


Let’s look closer….that HAT! Divine!!!

This one kills me….all lounging against the Pinocchio whale.

That tiny waist…..wowza! And the little girl in the background almost steals the show.

And finally, The Matterhorn Maddness:

Oh yes. Closer please:

I should have called this one the “Whatsa Matterhorn?” I love Mickey in his sassy little boots and hotpants!!! And those rosey cheeks? Makes me think Mickey’s been hitting the mai tai’s over in the Enchanted Tiki Room!!

Thank you so much Kevin for sharing this amazing AMAZING find with us! Like I said, please visit his blog….it is so full of fabulous stuff, including Kevin’s fantastic art work. I feel a special Vintage Disney Post in the works….stay tuned!