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Put Your Party Hats On!

The Peach is turning one in less than a month! That means a first birthday party! Whoo hoo! There are so many choices and so many darling birthday ideas out there that I’m kinda overwhelmed.

But the one thing I do know is that I must must MUST have a fun set of party hats.

When I was a little girl, a party wasn’t a party until you had a party hat.  Wearing a party hat says, “I’m take partying so seriously that I have a special hat for it.”

Even though I ‘m not sure what the theme of the party will be,  I’m totally crushing on these custom paper party hats from Mary Had a Little Party.  Mermaids! Cupcakes! Giraffes! Oh my!

Warning: Mary is too clever for her own good–these party hats are just the tip of the awesome iceberg that is Mary and her party favors.

I’m head over heels for these stinky cute felt ones from Etsy seller CosaBello. Such wonderful detailing with embroidery.  And I adore  a good blanket stitch! And I know someone who would particularly like the rocket one…

Martha Stewart has a simple tutorial on how to make your own party hats–ooohhh–just imagine these made out of some yummy paper from Paper Source! Afterall, you know Martha knows how to throw a parTAY!

Or you can get this great pattern from Etsy seller Stylish Celebrations. I particularly love the ric-rac edging on it.  I think of ric-rac as the butter of the notions world! It just makes everything better!

So many cute hats–I don’t know which to choose! And I still need to come up with a  party idea for the Peach’s birthday! Any ideas? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!