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A Gingiber Nusery for Violet.

Do you guys remember our friend Stacie of Gingiber? She did a fabulous giveaway in December for a wonderful stripey reindeer pom pom stocking.  We were all wowed by her charming illustrations and wonderful design flair, so it really shouldn’t be much of a surprise that her great style would extend to her little girl Violet’s room. Sweet simple touches that create an overall winning look. That’s our girl Gingiber!

I asked Stacie what was her inspiration for this very special room and here is her very sweet response:

When I found out I was having a little girl, I was terrified of picking a name, let alone designing a nursery for this little person that I did not even know yet! So, I waited until she was about a year old to fully commit to a color scheme and design plan. My daughter is such a lively, smart, and bright little girl I wanted to decorate a room for Violet that was truly a reflection of her sweet little self! Also, I wanted a room that she could grow into. I think it will suit her for several more years.

My decorating style is definitely bright and saturated. I love color and was giddy to use Martha Stewart’s Vintage Map paint color for the walls. Also, I am also a bit of a cheapskate. I made the curtains and crib-skirt, refinished the dresser. Next came the furniture. The crib was a family hand-me-down, and all of the white ornate furniture was mine from when I was a little girl! I wanted to play down the utter girlishness of the white furniture, so I filled the rest of the room with some handmade stuffed animals and art from mine and also artist’s Etsy shops.

Would you like to see?

Well done on that perfect Vintage Map wall color, lady and the punches of red are so delightful.

I think my favorite piece is this friendly brass octopus lamp. I mean really, it is just too wonderful for words. Stacie got it at a BARN SALE. I’m in love!

Oh and Stacie also redid this dandy dresser in candy apple red. Ingenius!

Oh and a basket full of soft toys sounds sooo lovely too! And this wonderful mirrored set of drawers is something that will grow with Miss Violet into her teen years quite beautifully!

I love this easy going way of hanging art on a clipboard, it’s so accessible and friendly. Oh, and let’s talk about that great mirror. How wonderful of your parents to hold on to it for you!

The sweet Jenny Lind crib was nicely updated with an adorable birdie crib skirt that welcomed Violet home from the hospital where she was born.

The same fabric it was used again for Violet’s birthday party chair too! LOVE that touch!

You should absolutely check out Violet’s full birthday party too. It’s so darn CUTE, you’ll be grinning ear to ear!

Thanks so much for sharing Violet’s wonderful room with us, Stacie. Don’t forget to stop by the adorable  Gingiber shop.

MK Giveaway: Gingiber!

Surely you know Gingiber, right?

You know, that darling Etsy store that makes everyone smile with its cute owls and sunny disposition? Well, Miss Stacie Bloomfield, the master maven behind Gingiber is kindly offering up THIS bit of goodness for this week’s Modern Kiddo Giveaway!  One of your fabulous reindeer Christmas stockings. In pink no less. Squee!!!  Great for anyone–I love a boy that can rock pink!  Perfect for the holidays, wouldn’t you say?

But before we get into the deets on this giveaway, let’s chat a bit with our new-found friend, Miss Stacie.  I invited her by the Modern Kiddo camp for some fire-side e-chatting about craftiness, being a crafty mom and her inspiration. Here’s what she said:

Modern Kiddo: How long have you been crafty?

Stacie Bloomfield: Ever since I could hold a pencil, I have been drawing. If I had crayons, I would stay busy for hours (which made my parents very happy). And I was probably the only 10 year old who wanted a Martha Stewart Magazine Subscription for Christmas. I love making and being inspired by beautiful things!

MK: Somewhere out there Martha Stewart smiled!  What inspired you to start your own Etsy store?

SB: Once upon a time, I graduated from college with an Art Degree. I then pursued a promising career as a Starbucks Barista, all the while trying to figure out how to use my skills to pay the bills. Finally, one day after an exceptionally caffeinated shift at work, I got up the nerve to open my own Etsy Shop, listing some nursery doodles I had made for my young daughter. Using the monkier “Gingiber” (a name that I came up with for a college design project) I happily listed doodle upon doodle onto my very own etsy shop. And I have never been happier!

MK: Ha! Ha!  I’m sure Starbucks misses you, but I think the crafting world needs more people like you in it.  How do you find time to run your business and be a Mom to your little cutie patootie?

SB: Well, I no longer work at Starbucks Coffee Company. I now work a much less time consuming day job at a local university. I generally get most of my Gingiber done after my daughter goes to bed around 7 pm, and on the weekends, when my sweet husband will allow me several hours of uninterrupted creative time. And, I tend to be constantly doodling in the margins of notes or on napkins during lunch, so I feel like I am constantly coming up with new ideas!

MK: Whoa–working plus kiddo plus side crafty business? Hmm… perhaps the caffiene is necessary still.  What are you most excited about for the holidays?

SB: I am so excited that my 2 year old daughter, Violet, is so excited about Christmas! We just put up the Christmas Tree, and she loves to stare at it and say, “Pretty, Mommy!” She cannot help but touch a few Christmas ornaments every time she passes by the tree. There is nothing greater than making sweet little holiday memories with your children.

Stacie, I totally agree about the holiday memories and I hope your wonderful stocking becomes part of some kiddo’s future holiday memories.

Now, friends, to get this perfect pink reindeer pompom laced stocking, you can:

  1. Leave a comment about one of your favorite holiday memories
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If you do all five you’ll be entered four times.

Good luck and I’m crossing my fingers you win!