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The Return of the Vintage Kiddo Retro Round Up!!

Hurrah! We are back!!  And we’ve missed ya’ll something fierce! We’ve been heartbroken over our site shenanigans, but don’t you worry, we are back with oodles of goodies and fun things ahead! Just you wait.

But enough chit chat—I spent the weekend returning to some of my favorite online haunts to bring you some super sassy vintage goodness for your wee ones.  So… ON WITH THE SHOOOOOWWW!!!

Let’s start with something so sweet that it makes cotton candy look like cauliflower.  Can I haz cheeseburger? Perhaps not, but you can own this divine little shirt from the divine Frecklewonder.

Check out this rompertastic little goodie with an applique lion. You know how we feel about lions here at MK headquarters… From Etsy seller, Lisagrahamgram4m3a.

This little dress is dedicated to The Devil-Ettes because that Mondrian style color-blocking is pure Devil-Ettes. From Etsy seller, Fuzzymama.

Be it ever so humble, there is nothing cuter than these little overalls.  From eBay seller, 1marcella.

What could possibly make a darling tweed vintage jacket even cuter? How about some embroidered flowers?  Oh and don’t even talk about the red buttons.  Perfect for the winter months…  From Etsy seller, Oh Sydney. Oh, and the coat is FIVE DOLLARS!!!

If you are going to wear a sweater with dinosaurs, you must make sure they are wearing hats.  And fortunately, Etsy seller, StellaBluz has one available. Phew!

Somewhere out there its yachting weather.  And wherever that is a little girl could be wearing this darling tunic and pants set. outfit.  From Etsy seller Annalee.

it’s scarecrow season and corduroy season, so let’s combined the two in the wonderful harvest time overalls from our girl Lishyloo!

I have a long history of loving pinstripes in unusual places. And a little girl certainly isn’t a place to find them, but aren’t they cute when combined with little heart flowers? What a great find Pirate B00ty!

The Etsy seller, Crissywrong titled this shirt as 18-24 months of awesomeness. And really, who am I do say no to that? The only thing I can say is that it is only $14.00. FOURTEEN DOLLARS, PEOPLE. Crissy Wrong, your name should be Crissy RIGHT for finding this gem!

I have to list this wonderful little jacket because my sweetie Eric just bought pretty much the same thing! Perfect for your little Mad Men gent in the making! From our gal, 3 Ring Circus.

We started this round up with a squeak from a mouse and we’ll a lion’s roar with this terrific little winter jacket ready to brave whatever Jack Frosts tosses our way! From Etsy seller, the Fancy Tail.

Happy Monday, people and I’m so very happy we are back!

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