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The Return of the Vintage Kiddo Retro Round Up!!

Hurrah! We are back!!  And we’ve missed ya’ll something fierce! We’ve been heartbroken over our site shenanigans, but don’t you worry, we are back with oodles of goodies and fun things ahead! Just you wait.

But enough chit chat—I spent the weekend returning to some of my favorite online haunts to bring you some super sassy vintage goodness for your wee ones.  So… ON WITH THE SHOOOOOWWW!!!

Let’s start with something so sweet that it makes cotton candy look like cauliflower.  Can I haz cheeseburger? Perhaps not, but you can own this divine little shirt from the divine Frecklewonder.

Check out this rompertastic little goodie with an applique lion. You know how we feel about lions here at MK headquarters… From Etsy seller, Lisagrahamgram4m3a.

This little dress is dedicated to The Devil-Ettes because that Mondrian style color-blocking is pure Devil-Ettes. From Etsy seller, Fuzzymama.

Be it ever so humble, there is nothing cuter than these little overalls.  From eBay seller, 1marcella.

What could possibly make a darling tweed vintage jacket even cuter? How about some embroidered flowers?  Oh and don’t even talk about the red buttons.  Perfect for the winter months…  From Etsy seller, Oh Sydney. Oh, and the coat is FIVE DOLLARS!!!

If you are going to wear a sweater with dinosaurs, you must make sure they are wearing hats.  And fortunately, Etsy seller, StellaBluz has one available. Phew!

Somewhere out there its yachting weather.  And wherever that is a little girl could be wearing this darling tunic and pants set. outfit.  From Etsy seller Annalee.

it’s scarecrow season and corduroy season, so let’s combined the two in the wonderful harvest time overalls from our girl Lishyloo!

I have a long history of loving pinstripes in unusual places. And a little girl certainly isn’t a place to find them, but aren’t they cute when combined with little heart flowers? What a great find Pirate B00ty!

The Etsy seller, Crissywrong titled this shirt as 18-24 months of awesomeness. And really, who am I do say no to that? The only thing I can say is that it is only $14.00. FOURTEEN DOLLARS, PEOPLE. Crissy Wrong, your name should be Crissy RIGHT for finding this gem!

I have to list this wonderful little jacket because my sweetie Eric just bought pretty much the same thing! Perfect for your little Mad Men gent in the making! From our gal, 3 Ring Circus.

We started this round up with a squeak from a mouse and we’ll a lion’s roar with this terrific little winter jacket ready to brave whatever Jack Frosts tosses our way! From Etsy seller, the Fancy Tail.

Happy Monday, people and I’m so very happy we are back!

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Whoo Hoo! Vintage Kiddo Retro Round Up!

Wow, I’m still amazed that it is September. We are still plugging along here at the ole MK.  Although I do miss my Alix something fierce,  I know she’s rocking it out in Prague. Go, Donna Draper go!  But wonderful weekends still happen. Between tending my sniffling little Peach and sick sweetie, I did manage to scoot out and fulfill a goal of mine. People, I hit the holy grail of garage sale finds and swooped up a vintage dress form from the fifties for a song. Yeehah!

But let’s find you all some vintage thrifting goodies. We’ve got a bang-up mix of stuff today, so let’s check it out!

Oh, the vest that launched a thousand crochet hooks! Who didn’t evny the little girl who came sashaying into class wearing the handiwork of her handy mom/aunt/grandma/misc. person who was tired of macrame? From Etsy seller, Teenah Time.

Miss Lish has done it again with this gem of a boy’s shirt. A great butterfly collar and a very wearable pattern that would dandy up a pair of jeans or cords quite easily!

Saddle shoes were at one time considered a standard in any child’s wardrobe.  I say let’s bring ’em back!  And thanks for 3 Ring Circus, we can with this great pair for toddlers.  I’d love to use some sassy polka dot ribbon in a fun color for laces. wouldn’t that be fun?

I love this little houndstooth jacket with matching coat.  It reminds me of the one Patrick Dennis wore when he first met Auntie Mame, yes?

Mame Dennis: Well, now, uh, read me all the words you don’t understand.
Patrick Dennis: Libido, inferiority complex, stinko, blotto, free love, bathtub gin, monkey glands, Karl Marx… is he one of the Marx Brothers?

From Etsy seller, RedEye Vintage. Oh and check out the “this coat grows” thread. Ummm… That fashion trend needs to return!

I’m simply crazy for this little pink twill 70s pink jacket with the sweet embroidery–check out those shingles on the rood. And then they added ric-rac edging?  Cuteness level at eleven.  From eBay seller Floozeesvintage.

Who doesn’t love a good pair of overalls?  And corduroy? And little singing doggies wearing sunglasses playing guitars.  Well, I have found the trifecta of this sublime trio in these overalls offered by eBay seller Kindness Mama.  And she must be the kindest mama to part with these gems.

What little girl wouldn’t love a sunny yellow jacket WITH matching headscarf? Now, if I could only find its adult doppelganger… From eBay seller, Zeke989.

Oh, but then I found this friends.  My sweetie was walking by my computer and stopped dead in his tracks when he saw these beauts.  Pure bicentennial 1976 U. S. of Yay awesomeness. Deadstock too.  I bow down to you eBay seller, DecoToDisco Vintage.

And I must bow down to you again, DecoToDisco Vintage for this HealthTex pint-size version of the leisure suit.  I need to shop where you shop DecoToDisco Vintage…

Oh, this sweet cotton dress from the fifties is so dear.  What with its little bunny foo foo hopping through the forest pockets.  From new favorite eBay seller Great Lakes Outfitters.

And hey, Frecklewonder is having a bang-up sale of vintage wooden puzzles.  Talk about bringing me BACK.  I had this one! I even remember that smell of the wood. These are such timeless and good looking toys!

Happy Monday, folks!

Kiddo Rooms: Dotty’s Polka Dotted Rainbow Room

Since ya’ll seemed to be so tickled with those Vintage Bedrooms yesterday, I thought it would be fun to show off a super cute modern day rendition of the Retro Bedroom! One of my online besties is the fabulous Jenny frecklewonder. Her little girl Dorothy Bird (aka Dotty) has an amazingly fun space. Bold, colorful, sweet and modern. I think you’re going to love it. Jenny and I had a little chitty chat and she gave me the low down!

ALIX: Jenny!!!! OK, so I’m soooo happy to feature Dorothy Bird’s room. Can you tell us a little bit about your “vision” (ooh lala!) for this sweet space?

JENNY: Well, since i’m always in the thrifts, and always on the lookout for fun, colorful vintage kiddo stuff. I actually decided to go with white walls and a white crib for the room. I wanted to keep things pretty simple and let the vintage treasures sort of ‘pop’ and stand out on their own.

ALIX: I love that about this room—it keeps it looking clean but still really playful and fun! I find some modern nurseries are so fussy and over done. Was there any “must have” that you knew you wanted?

JENNY: The only thing I was really set on from the get go were red + white, jumbo polka dotted curtains. I had this vision in my mind of Pee Wee Herman’s gunny sack (in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, a favorite movie in our house!) and i just couldn’t let it go. I combed the internet like a crazy woman and nothing! So finally, about 2 weeks before she was born, I just decided to make the curtains myself. And actually, believe it or not, when she came home from the hospital, those curtains were the only thing in her room as far as decoration. It was just white walls, her crib and those curtains!

JENNY: Of course slowly but surely I’ve added things and tweaked things, and I’m sure I’ll be adding and tweaking ’til the cows come home! That’s sort of how I roll…

ALIX: I spy some awesome vintage fisher price toys on the shelves….I loooove that Scandinavian rainbow wall hanging too. What’s the story behind that?

JENNY: The rainbow Marushka wall hanging was an amazing dollar score at the thrift! The other paintings in the room I scored at an antique mall for $5 a piece! (down from $20, it pays to wait + stalk just a bit!)

ALIX: Aw look at the wonderful framed artwork from Big Bro Henry! That’s one of my favorite things to do for decoration too. Nothing beats a sweet hand-drawn picture from your little cutie. What else can you tell us about this sweet room?

JENNY: The yellow dresser was an antique store find! It was actually green when i got it, and it spent some time in dotty’s big brother Henry’s room when he was younger before we switched it over into her room.

ALIX Oooh, how about that little floral chair I see peeking out on the left over there? The fabric looks amazing. Where the heck did you find that??

JENNY: Oh, the floral chair was also a thrift score— it was originally upholstered in a dark brown and i recovered it in that vintage floral print. You can see it a little better here in the living room:

ALIX: It’s amazing, you clever girl, but I’m totally distracted by the amazingness of baby Dotty!! Look how widdle she was!! OK, back to the room. I love the mix of modern toys and vintage. To me it’s all about balance. I’m dying over that blue vintage flower clothes hamper.

JENNY: I love it too and yep, it’s another thrift score. I do love to mix it up. Vintage is a fave but I also love supporting indie artists and found some really amazing stuffed cuddlers. Check these guys out:

The super cute kitty is from Jane Foster. The red and green floral creature is a Cotton Monster and the adorable elephant is from My Favourite Dress.

ALIX: Talk to me about those rustic looking wooden shelves. They’re great!

JENNY: Yep! They’re from IKEA. They were the perfect height for storing Dotty’s toys but gave her easy access to everything. We got several pieces from IKEA….Dotty’s crib (super cheap!) and the white display shelving.

ALIX: This next photo features one of my favorite things (besides Dotty, of course!). The little vintage dressies you have hanging from the wall. I think you know where I’m going with this…c’mon girl . Let’s give the Modern Kiddo’s a peek into that closet!!

JENNY: Oh my. Well, you asked for it. Here she is in all her glory! As soon as I found out that I was pregnant with a girl, I went nutso and just really had the best thrifting luck e-v-e-r.

ALIX: Ooooh there’s my favorite clothes hamper again. So I guess it’s safe to say that little Dotty has a pretty sweet collection of vintage?? [I’m totally leading the witness here…I know full well that Jenny has amazing taste and boatloads of vintage kiddo clothes. heh]

JENNY: Hah! Yes it’s true. Her closet is chock full of fabulous girl’s dresses from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Most of them are toddler sizes but a few of them won’t fit her till the year 2020 or so! But can you blame me? Who knows if she’ll be interested in wearing them past, say, the age of 5 or 6… she may think i’m crazy!

ALIX: OK people. Take a gander at this beautiful maddness! I’m in loooooove:

I die! How adorable are all of those dresses??? Jenny, thank you ever so much for sharing this amazing room with us. But truly, the most adorable item you’ll find in that room is the wee little lassie who lives there. I have to share with you some “hot off the presses” pictures of this gorgeous girlie.

YAY Miss Dotty! We love you! That’s it for Widdle Wednesday, but check back this afternoon as we have a special Guest Post that you’re going to lerve fo sho! In the mean time, be sure to swing by Frecklewonder Vintage for a peek at more vintage kiddo goodies!

PS  Do you have a fun kiddo room to share? Email me at Alix [at] modern kiddo.com!

It's time for Vintage Kiddo! The Weekly Retro Round Up.

Yeee haw it’s Monday gang! Are we all ready for another peek into the World of Vintage Kiddo clothing? I totally love the 70s, but I know not everyone finds the cleverly kistchy vintage as relevant for ze modern child. This week I decided to search for some vintage that is still stylish and unique, but could also integrate easily into a modern day wardrobe.

You already know three of our top favorites: 3 Ring Circus,  Lishy Loo Vintage, and Frecklewonder.  This week we have a couple of new faces to add to our spotlight: Midstate Vintage and Oh Sydney.

The thing about vintage is that there is usually an abundance of baby and toddler clothes, but for bigger kiddos? WAY harder to find. The younguns grows so quickly, that their clothing isn’t worn nearly as much as those in the 4-8 year old set. That’s why I was thrilled to stumbled upon Midstate Vintage. All their clothing is in big kiddo sizes—and so adorable!

Those little high-waisted, sailor shorties are AMAZING. I can see those being sold in a modern day boutique.

The vintage stripey shirt is a classic look for little boys!

I love those two plaid dressies. And how cute are these little models! To see more, be sure to check out the Midstate Vintage shop.

On the opposite end of the spectrum are our friends over at Oh Sydney. This cutie has been featured on Vintage Kiddo before, and has an eye for the little guys and girlies.

That little paisley coat is a killer—how adorable with those big green buttons?? Be sure to swing by Oh Sydney to see even more goodies.

Whew, lots of good stuff today people! And I leave you with some of my non-clothing picks from our Vintage Kiddo All-Stars. First up is a really great Playskool wooden puzzle. These are really fun for kids (Wolfie had a bunch of them) and this Cookie Monster themed one is just so great! I love the spaghetti bird nest:

Lishy Loo Vintage: Cookie Monster Wooden Puzzle

Heather over at 3 Ring Circus has loads of amazing clothes but I was totally smitten with these cutie cute little plastic hair barrettes. Roller skates and guitar playing kitties?? Weeeee!

3 Ring Circus: vintage snap barettes

And finally, my girl Jenny over at Frecklewonder never fails to find the most terrific gems! I am sooo loving these really cool choo choo wall hangings. All aboard!!

Frecklewonder: Happy Nursery Train

HAPPY MONDAY everyone!

Weekly Kiddo :: Meet Dorothy Bird!

Today’s Weekly Kiddo is the lovely little Dorothy—who goes by Dotty! (I swear this had NOTHING to do with her being selected….hee.) Miss Dotty Jr. is the delightful daughter of my amazing friend Jenny, from Frecklewonder. I have to confess I requested some older photos of Dotty for this post because I wanted to show off some of her incredible vintage baby gear. Jenny is a thrifting pro and has great style. She is living proof that you don’t have to spend a mint to make your little one look like a million bucks. Jenny says that they are always on the prowl for cute vintage dresses. Dotty’s style is a mix of vintage + thrifted items, with a few newer items tossed in. As you can see, it’s all about the color and the polka dots for this girl! OK, take a gander at this adorable little miss:

Lil Cowgirl Chic

+ vintage western shirt. Thrifted, dollar bin
+ polka dot skirt. Thrifted, dollar bin
[two bucks for an entire outfit?? you can’t beat that!]

Dotty Dolly
+ vintage dress, found in the dollar bin at the goodwill (WHERE is this Goodwill? I must go…)
+ little 50s wool hat, antique store
+ tights + shoes are new
Pssst! Curtains in the background were made by dotty’s crafty mommy

Aloha Romper
+ sweet little handmade smock shirt (made by rachel denbow of smile and wave)
+ little dotty bloomers, thifted from dollar bin (she’s killing me here…)

I mean honestly! How cute is this little muffin? I asked her sweet mama to tell us a little about her girl and she told me this: “Dotty loves to dance! If she hears a beat, she just can’t resist moving to it! Some of her favorite foods of the moment are graham crackers with creme cheese, banana smoothies, tofu and asparagus. She is super into reading books, drawing, snuggling her buddies, and getting “tattoos” (stamps on her hands when she visits her mama’s craft room). But the best part of the day for dotty is when the school bus roars down the street bringing her big brother henry home from school!”

We are smitten with this little one for sure! A little birdie told me that she is  21 months old today. Here she is today in all her glory! HAPPY 21 months gorgeous girlie!