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Five Awesome Nightlights for Kiddos!

My friend Davina asked me if I had any recommendations for cute night lights for her little girl.  So, of course I had to do a search and share my findings not only her but with you!  Here are my top five!

Whales are gaining some major street cred–could the be the next owl?  This whale night light could take on any owl for cuteness and would be darling for a boys room.  From Etsy seller, LilBurrito.

But don’t worry about owls–they are awesome and button cute, so you can imagine the obscene adorableness of one as a nightlight.  Like this adorable one from Kinderglow which has a line of safe re-chargable nightlights that kiddos can take with them to bed. So adorable, I almost can’t stand it.

Our gal, Mari from Small For Big hipped me to this enchanting these wonderous JIP J.I.P. Mushroom Nightlight Set. Which I must admit is the one I ended up getting the Peach.

I love this homemade mason jar night light–so cute and sweet and rather unexpected for a child’s room. From Etsy seller, KyleeDude.

Now, I know OXO Candela series is super popular and with good reason because they are so charming.  But have you seen this rocket version called the Zoom night light? How cute is that? I have a very good feeling that this might need to be purchased for a certain little Rocket Baby

Those are my top five! Did I miss any?  Please share! Inquiring minds want to know!

Ooooo weeeee! It's a Hip Chore Chart Download, from Draw! Pilgrim.

Hi guys. Happppppy Monday! Thanks for all the awesome love for Pilgrim’s great room tour on Friday. As a special Monday Bonus we something super cool—a FREE DOWNLOADABLE CHORE CHART for you, created by none other than Pilgrim herself. This super rad chore chart was inspired by the vintage woodland style Pilgrim used in Donovan’s bedroom decor. I think it’s crazy adorable. THANK YOU PILGRIM!!

Click here to print out a full size one for your own helpful kiddo!

Oh, and yep. I’m back! Expect a full Prague update on Wednesday my friends!

It’s time again for Widdle Wednesdays

Aww, we love our Wednesday celebration of all things teensy. I’m just gonna jump right in and take a lil look see at what we have today!

The bioME 5 Animal Alphabet Project was created by two architectural designers who loved animals, children and the process of learning and discovery. Each onesie has a cute animal graphic with a matching alphabet letter. Made with 100% certified organic cotton. Get yours from bioME5.

“My Milkshax brings all the babes in the yard…..” Cutie cute graphic onses from Milkshax!

Growing up in the 70s and 80s, personalized goodies were al the rage. But lemme tell you, they never had anything with Alexandra written on them. I was so sad. Etsy seller Jig solves this problem with these really cute customized onesies—any name you like is matched up with a fun graphic. Pretty perfect if you ask me!

You just gotta check out these rad little Vans style skater socks from Trumpette! They’re famous for their little mary jane socks, but how fun is this new spin? Available from Black Wagon.

These little t-strap mock shoesies are sweet to the max. And also from Black Wagon.

Graphic design mama Efi latief started Tomat when her baby girl was born and the result is really fab. I think these pink and blue onesies with Fisher Price record players on them are so sweet.

This little retro heart cap from Scandanavian Baby is soooo adorable! I also love the Many Clouds onesie from green cotton.

Tell me that you arent’t flipping over these sweet lil leggings!! They each have an image on the bum and are sure to be cuddley soft. From sweet shop Kawaii Kids. They have the most brilliant collection of goodies over there. Trust me, you’ll be seeing more of ’em around here.

I love this little sunsuit from Kit and Lili. The colors are adorable as all get out!

And finally, let’s get really girlie. Black Wagon has this adorable Audrey onesie. I get a little tired with the [HAH! I just realized I never finished that sentence because, I FELL ASLEEP WHILE TYPING. Man.). Well what I was going to say was I get a little tired of overly hipster screen prints, but this one is just a fun, sweet take on that. She’s ubiquitous, but who doesn’t love them some Audrey??

And finally, this little onesie is pram and proper! And so appropriate given Dottie’s stroller post, eh? Pick one of these from Eight3one.

I hope you liked this little bebe round up. Do you have any favorite baby brands? What are your top recommendations?
Bring ’em on! OH, and don’t forget to enter our cute Giveaway from Kristin Loffer  Theiss of KLT Works! It’s a good one—check it out over here.