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Feeling Squirrelly…

I must admit that I love the owl trend that has blossomed over the past year, but I’m calling it now–squirrels are the owls of 2010.

And how could you not love squirrels when you see them used in such clever places such as these widdle shoes from Etsy seller, Burkeheart Baby.  They are stinky* cute!

Perhaps you want just a touch of squirrel–and if so, check out this little number from Kumquat Organic. With tuxedo ruffle accent. That is pure stinktown**!

Aren’t squirrels just made for onesie, like this one from Reform School which features a sassy drumming squirrel? Hipster alert!

Shall we put our beloved Sophie aside for this cute bit of wooden squirrelly goodness for our wee ones to gnaw on from Little Sapling Toys? I say yes, yes, YES!

Or let’s just go big or go home, shall we? With this Steiff Squirrel. So. Darn. Cute.

I must admit that I have a total thing for Steiff. I know. They are not even that squishy or soft, but something about them gets me all nostalgic and are so darn cozy to me. Seeing one makes me think of a 1930s English nursery with not too many toys, but very loved toys and this little Squirrel would be quite at home there.  I don’t know if it would be $250 at home with me, but still very tempting indeed!

Now, I’m off to eBay to see if I can find some vintage Steiff animals for the Peach!


* “Stinky” is Modern Kiddo speak for “adorable”

** “Stinktown” is Modern Kiddo speak for “insanely adorable”!!