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Real Life:: Shoe Shopping for Toddlers

Baby needs a new pair of shoes!

The Peach was in need of a new pair of shoes.  She has some tough widdle footies to fit, and the shoes I bought online and in misc. stores guessing her size didn’t really help the situation and usually ended with her crying “Mama open door peeze.”   Translation: “Mother, these shoes are not comfortable–would you please take them off?”

So, I took Miz Peach to my local children’s shoe store called Happy Feet run by the very helpful and very charming Oanh (pronounce Ahn).  What does it take to run a shoe store for the tot set?  Well, Oanh worked at a shoe store throughout high school that specialized in childrens shoes, so she is smarter than the average bear regarding the importance of good foot wear for kids.  And she has a degree in Fashion Design, so that helps pick out sassiest little numbers for your little cutie patootie.

Oahn was kind enough to share some great tips for buying your little one’s first pair of shoes and beyond:

1.) Bring your kiddo with you:  I know that sounds simple, but a lot of parents just want to quickly hop into a store and grab a pair of cute shoes.  It is almost impossible to get a good fit without putting it on your little one. Besides you can relive your childhood when Oahn brings out that crazy metal shoe size thingie that hasn’t changed since Buster Brown shoe stores day.  If you can’t bring your little one in with you,  at least trace the kid’s foot.

2.) Bend the Shoe: When your wee one  start walking they are ready for their first pair of shoes.  That first pair of shoes should be very very flexible and lightweight. Try bending it not only from front to back but twist it to test its flexibility.  It can take kids a bit of time to get used to wearing shoes, so starting them even wearing the shoes an hour a day can help them get used the feel.  Too hard soles can lead kiddos to fall forward onto their faces, so the flexibility helps with balance!

3.) Make sure there is space: The bones in an adult foot are incredibly tiny, so just think about how small and flexible they are in a baby foot. Too tight shoes can deform your little one’s feet! You want at least a half inch in the toe area for new kids and make sure they are wide enough.

4.) But not too much space! Sometimes parents want to buy shoes that are too big for their kids in a hope that they’ll grow into them.  However, that can be dangerous for their kids and also uncomfortable.  Kids spend a lot of time running and too big shoes is an accident waiting to happen.

5.) Two is better than one:  Consider getting two pairs of shoes for your little one–allowing the other pair to breath for a day. That way the shoes will last longer. And it’s not like there aren’t a lot of cutie shoes out there to chose from…

6.) Take your lifestyle  into account:  Mary Jane/Sandal/Sneaker? It depends on your baby’s life style.  Might want something a little more rugged if they spend more time at the playground.  Or invest in waterproof sandals your kid loves playing in water.

Tho’ of course there is nothing wrong with letting your little one go around barefoot and fancy free! My sister in law was a big no shoes believer for her kids.  She still tells stories about her daughters first “report card” from kindergarten saying that little Banks was “getting the hang of shoes.”

Here are the ones that the Peach and I settled on Livie and Luca.  They seem to be the best brand for the Peach’s wide footies. Which I’m very happy about since this little one will be sporting these cuties this winter.

Even the kitty likes  her new shoes.

Any other tips on kiddo shoe shopping? Any favorite brands out there?

Yup! It’s That Time of The Week Again…

And this week, friends, we are going to focus in on one particular area of supreme baby kootness! Those widdle footies! The ones you just want to nom on and kiss all day long.

Although it is a shame to cover those little sugarfooties* up,  let’s do it in style with the nice selection we pulled together for your viewing pleasure–all available in sizes 0-12 months. And we’ve come a long way from those white ankle boots of yore.

These Zid Zid Eco Moroccan booties are just killing me with their sublime yumminess. I like the blue pair the most.

I’m in love with these Livie & Luca pink Holland boot. It kinda has that old school feeling to it that is making me that I. MUST. OWN. THEM. Why do you make me suffer so, Livie and Luca?

Right now my husband is in love with tweed, so I expect that he’ll buy these tweedy numbers for the Peach as soon as I post this. Sigh.

I think red and brown is such a great color combo–it reminds me of little red robins.  And in these tiny loafers, well, they are just stinktown cute.

Robeez are a baby shower staple for good reason–particularly when they put such wacky adorableness on their shoes, like this knighted fox pair–what a hoot!

Oh, but then I went to Etsy and lost my mind is baby shoe adorableness.  Crafters throw down the gauntlet of button cuteness when it comes to baby shoes.  Let me share a few with you…

Etsy seller, Garden Alley is cranking the cuteness level up to 11 with this embroidered pair:

FIE, Etsy seller, Gracious May–you are churning out some serious cuteness over at your shop! I don’t know what is cuter–the little foot or the little robot shoe over the foot?

And what about this Mary Jane or this kitty ones?

I have a not so hidden love of ticking fabric. And to use it for this tiny tiny shoes? Genius, Etsy seller, Cutienesser.

Nothing says love like knit booties, right? Etsy seller HandknitHugs is rocking my world. How could she not with these two cozy posie pairs that say love luv LOVE?   I’m dying here.

And you know how I love a good upcycled sweater? Well, pair that with baby booties and you end up with this little bit of awesomeness, the town boot from Etsy seller, Wooly Baby.

I broke a tooth on this cuteness!

*My mother grew up in the South and Sugarfoot was a term of endearment, so it was tossed around a lot in my childhood with smiles and cuddles. But as an adult, whenever I use the phrase anywhere else, I get looks of complete horror. Please bring back that awesome phrase. And say it with a Southern drawl for effect!

Feeling Squirrelly…

I must admit that I love the owl trend that has blossomed over the past year, but I’m calling it now–squirrels are the owls of 2010.

And how could you not love squirrels when you see them used in such clever places such as these widdle shoes from Etsy seller, Burkeheart Baby.  They are stinky* cute!

Perhaps you want just a touch of squirrel–and if so, check out this little number from Kumquat Organic. With tuxedo ruffle accent. That is pure stinktown**!

Aren’t squirrels just made for onesie, like this one from Reform School which features a sassy drumming squirrel? Hipster alert!

Shall we put our beloved Sophie aside for this cute bit of wooden squirrelly goodness for our wee ones to gnaw on from Little Sapling Toys? I say yes, yes, YES!

Or let’s just go big or go home, shall we? With this Steiff Squirrel. So. Darn. Cute.

I must admit that I have a total thing for Steiff. I know. They are not even that squishy or soft, but something about them gets me all nostalgic and are so darn cozy to me. Seeing one makes me think of a 1930s English nursery with not too many toys, but very loved toys and this little Squirrel would be quite at home there.  I don’t know if it would be $250 at home with me, but still very tempting indeed!

Now, I’m off to eBay to see if I can find some vintage Steiff animals for the Peach!


* “Stinky” is Modern Kiddo speak for “adorable”

** “Stinktown” is Modern Kiddo speak for “insanely adorable”!!