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Vintage Kiddo: Retro Roundup!

Well, it’s that time of the week, where all things awesome and vintage and kiddo are found right here for your viewing and shopping pleasure. Yuppers, I’m talking about the return of Modern Kiddo’s Vintage Kiddo Retro Roundup! Yeehaa! Did you miss it? We sure did and we’ve got some extremely sassy and sunny bits of vintage goodness to share with you today.

What is cuter than a little mouse sniffing a flower? How about an applique of a little mouse sniffing a flower on this sweet little girl’s dress! Bonus points because it’s a Nanette and I love that brand something FIERCE for little girl cuteness.

Thanks for the uber find, eBay seller, UberMom!

Now that the weather is officially springy, it’s time to think about heading to the beach and who wouldn’t want to with this great vintage kiddo beach robe/cover-up!

This great Superman pajama shirt would be great to wear during the daytime! Who wouldn’t want to show off Superman’s mad skills at punching a plane?  And really, it wouldn’t be too unusual to wear a pajama shirt out during the day? Why my friend Rosemary went to classes on the first day of college wearing her pajamas! Hee hee!!

Who wouldn’t sleep tight in that, ebay seller, Cowtown’s Revenge.

I am in love with this Petite Joue sweater and this petite cutie wearing it!

I am SO coming back to your Etsy shop, Kidretro!

Who wouldn’t want to sail away in my beautiful balloon–if it were made of gingham and on the leg of this sweet little jumper?  And it’s a Health Tex brand too!

Keep an eye on this eBay seller, ktjetta. She has the eye for finding great Health Tex goodies!

This mod smock features a terrific mosaic flower, that would be perfect with a little pair of salt water sandals. Perfect to pop over a bathing suit for that necessary beach trip to the ice cream parlor. I’ll take two scoops of cuteness with sprinkles, please!

I’m obsessed with your great find, eBay seller, ObsessedWithVintage.

I love a guaybera or Mexican wedding shirt on little boys for special occasions when the weather turns nice. And this pint-size vintage guaybera shirt would be perfect.  I love the colorful embroidery panels too. The little guitar is killer.  Wouldn’t it be cute to  have your ring bearer saunter down the aisle in this?

Great find indeed, eBay seller, G8tfindz!

Who wouldn’t be mad for plaid, if plaid is as wonderfully retro and pure Marsha Brady as this vintage Sears & Roebucks drop waist dress? I am in love love love with that green! And don’t even get me started on the faux undershirt awesomeness.

Etsy seller, Sunflower Grace, I want to go shopping with you!

Normally one doesn’t think of Winnie the Pooh as a western cowboy figure, but clearly someone did and the results are pure fabulousness–as you can see in this great tan Western shirt.

I wanna saddle up with your great finds, Etsy seller, Robynsetsy!

Snow plow applique on a little sun suit–irony was never so button cute! Hmmm… Or maybe it is just dirt, but whatever it is, it’s adorable.

You know I love ya, Lishyloo! And your great style finds for kids too!

I must ask you, Lish–where did you find THIS:

I nearly died when I saw it! SWEET PICKLE!!! I know that this is a reference to the Awesome Sweet Pickles book series, but it reminds me of this story my beloved friend Jen told me about a friend of hers whose Mom ran a daycare called Sweet Pickles Daycare and when he was a teen, he used to sneak into the daycare at night to woo the ladies, using the Teddy Ruxpin doll as a CD player. Awww yeah!

Happy Snappy Monday, ya’ll!