Taking a pause.

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Hey friends. You may have noticed that things have been a little quiet over here lately. We have a lot on our plates over here at Camp Kiddo….silly things like work and daily commitments, but also bigger things. Most significantly was sweet Dottie’s father passing, which has been incredibly hard on her as I’m sure you can imagine. We are on a self-imposed hiatus for a teensy bit. Please bear with us!

In addition to simply dealing with life, we’ve also been thinking a lot about the future of Modern Kiddo…do we continue on with it? Do we morph into something else? Do we simply stop all together? Or do we revamp it and come back better and stronger than ever?? All these questions are swirling around in our brains. And here’s where we’d love your help. I’m putting together a super quick/easy little survey. We’d love to get a little pulse check from YOU guys! You’re really the reason we do this. We’d love to know which things you love most. What you’d like more of. Or perhaps things you’d like less of. Hey, it’s all fair game. I’ve been in the process of a site redesign and before taking that step we’d truly like to get a little gut check from our MK family. As an added incentive, I have a fun little giveaway for everyone who participates in the survey. So stay tuned! And thank you so much for your friendship, support and patience.

14 thoughts on “Taking a pause.

  1. Oh Life! I hope everything is well with Camp KIDDO! I love your blog but understand how much WORK it takes to come up with content that readers like myself enjoy. Both of your instagram accounts is a nice treat for the in-between. Sending all the good vibes I can
    – Your interweb friend/fan
    – Susie

  2. This was the first blog I found that made me realize there were others like me! I’ve been into kids vintage way longer then I’ve had kids and always thought I was a bit odd for collecting it. Thank you guys for all you do, I really enjoy reading this blog and I hope it continues on for many years! xo!

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about Dottie’s father. I’m a Modern Kiddo fan and love seeing all your vintage finds–clothes, toys, furniture, books, bric-a-brac. I also just love seeing good ideas in general–I really liked seeing all the costume ideas for the H&M pirate coat, for example (even though my own kid is 13)! I too want to thank you for all the work you both have put into this blog–and hope you keep on with it!

  4. Well girls, you know I love you both and I hope this little break ends up being just what you need, what ever you both decide to do.

    You know what feature I miss? The kiddo room tours! Maybe it’s a lot of work to work through so many reader submissions but I loved that feature, it was nice to get a peek into so many fun, colorful spaces.
    I also really enjoy some of your more personal posts – the travel stuff, the fun family outings and definitely the Mama style posts. I’d also love to see more SF based stuff, cause you know I loves me some SF! 😉

  5. I just came by to see if there would be a new post today and to see what was going on with MK. I am in love with the two of you, and although the vintage posts have brought back so many amazing memories for me, I love the posts with your beautiful faces in them the best. When Dottie does her sewing or Alix takes a trip (or vice versa!). Those are the posts that really light up my face. But I also really love Alix’s Friday round ups and Dottie’s Monday Etsy finds. Those are both features I would miss if they went away for ever.

    Take your time coming back to it, if you do. You know we’ll all be here for you! xoxoxo to you both.

  6. Best wishes to the two of you. I have really enjoyed your entertaining, witty, and stylish posts.

    Maybe you can come back in the future with your own line of retro inspired kids clothes. hhhm.

  7. I love coming here and I’d be so sad not to have you. But but but

    I am the last person you’d need to justify a change to. Busy is busy and sometimes life gets in the way. Whatever you do, I know it will be awesome.

  8. I just wanted to take a second to tell you how much I love and enjoy Modern Kiddo. Your blog is one of my favorites and I never miss reading a news feed on my phone app. Even though I don’t get a chance to comment as much as I would like, I LOVE all of your posts. Thanks for all of the time you have spent sharing so many fabulous things with us. I would be more than happy to do a survey for you because I love so much about Modern Kiddo. Dottie, sorry again about your father. My heart has gone out to you ever since you shared about his passing. I am sure that he is looking down on you every day so proud of the beautiful person that you are.

  9. please don’t stop! i think you both have put so much awesome work into unique posts! i like everything of course but i really do appreciate the research you do for the ones on kids illustrations or the vintage cartoons, that set of 70s furniture a while back? i have used modern kiddo a LOT to look up the history of things! bring back the kiddo of the week, and i’m with jenny the room tours! hugs!!

  10. I love this blog and I hope you don’t decide to wrap it up but what I would like to see more of is more about you and Dottie and your personal vintage finds/house tours/weekly kiddo etc, thoughts about “modern” vintage, classic designs and less archive photos which although sweet, I find less charming just because they are a little bit generic. You girls are such sweeties and I would miss reading this blog!

  11. Gals–totally understand your break. But, I miss you already! I do love this site as a meeting of minds–of all the cool folks who love kids vintage and other neat stuff. I loved the addition of Bird and Cleaver. Love your Friday links. I so often find myself being reminded of a lovely childhood memory. Please don’t stop! I still laugh over that Sears Wish book post–one of my all time faves.
    Can’t wait to see what you cook up.

  12. Even though I may not comment on many posts, I stop by Modern Kiddo daily to see what creative/funny/cool posts you have for us to read. I agree with the others, I enjoy when you give us little glimpses into your personal lives. Like when Dottie shared about her adventure with picking up the vintage couch and we all learned she has the coolest car ever! And Dottie, I can always relate to your posts about the Peach since I have a daughter of similar age. I look forward to the Friday links and other posts where you share a retro brand or item. I hope this break allows you to focus your energy on your family and reflecting in the future, but I also hope you gals come back soon. Miss you! Hugs!

  13. You guys are as genuine as they come and it comes across so clearly in your posts. I’d love some more personal posts… little travels, motherhood tales, etc. I also love the kiddo fashion posts and kiddo room tours. Maybe you could reach out to a handful of other bloggers whose style you dig and feature them. You could do the same for a home tour series… I always love me some mid-century inspiration and I love looking into other people’s spaces. I know you are both busy and have your day jobs, so maybe a little break from it all is just what you need. I’ll bet a new design would leave you inspired too. Would sure be sad to see you guys go… Wishing you both the best for 2014 xo

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