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Valley of the Paper Dolls // 1960s style

Yup, today we’re talking’ vintage paper dolls! When I was a kiddo, I loved my paper dolls. I think they were one of the first things that got me interested in fashion! I thought my paper dolls were totally stylin’ but I have to say that they paled in comparison to these dollies. Plucked from the 60s (1967 and 1969 to be exact!) their fashions are bold, colorful and soooo cool. Let’s have a little look-see:

 photo paperdoll_5.jpg

 photo paperdolls_0.jpg

 photo minimod2.png

 photo minimod1.png

 photo minimod3.png

Did you notice the front of the box of those last two? “OUTFITS STICK BY MAGIC!” Hee. No pesky tabs here, our mods love the magic!

 photo moddolls.png

 photo paperdoll_4.jpg

 photo missy-mod_1.jpg

 photo paperdoll_1.jpg

 photo paperdoll_3.jpg

 photo paperdoll_2.jpg


 photo missy-mod_3.jpg


 photo missy-mod_4.jpg

Ahhhh! how cute is mod missy with her Mod Mag?? Also, is it wrong to covet a doll’s wardrobe? Seriously, I think I would wear any one of those outfits myself. Did you play with paper dolls when you were a kid?

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  1. Dorthy says

    It looks really cool and colorful. By the way I really love the tag mark in front of the box – “OUTFITS STICK BY MAGIC” you have definitely noticed that. Thanks a lot for sharing; it is reminding me some beautiful memories.

    • Alix says

      YES! MAGIC! That just made me smile….. so much easier than those pesky tabs huh!! haha

  2. Tami Von Zalez says

    I would have snapped up The Mods – how cute!

    • Alix says

      Oh I know, amazing huh!!!! And the MINI MODS are pretty hip too! They’d be a fun bunch to hang out with!!

  3. Mari, Small for Big says

    I need to channel a little Rachel Zoe for this: “OH MY GOD, I DIE!”
    Seriously. Love.

    • Alix says

      hahaha. I know! I mean, my paper dolls were very cute and adorable….but these guys???? SO HIP!

  4. iris de mallemarok says

    Wow. I think the question is not “did you play with paper dolls as a kid?” but rather “Where can I find that entire wardrobe IN MY SIZE?”

  5. Katie says

    I had ‘the mods’ (no caps, please) – BTW, the ‘magic’ was just a plain wax crayon rubbed on the back of the clothes – and the ones labelled Karen, Donna etc – I think there were 6 of them. Also had one of the classic Twiggy sets. They’re in my basement somewhere but too well worn to see the light of day.

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