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TGIVM! Thank Goodness its Vintage Monday! Retro Round Up.

Happy Monday, everyone! Did you all have a wonderful weekend? We did! I know Alix spent the majority of hers huggin’ on her guys after her looooonng trip to Prague.  I spent a bit of this weekend with the Peach at her first swimming lessons.  Since we live in a seaside town, it makes sense to know how to swim.  I wish I bought some of those on sale bathing suits from awhile back. Sigh!

But I am super excited about this week’s grand selection!

This vintage girls red white ruffled dress.  From eBay Zeke989.  I think it looks exactly like what the youngest girl, X in the Partridge family would have worn!  Tambourine not included.

I think this boys winter coat is perfect for going into fall and is lined with fur. New with tags and in a big boy size of 10/12 to boot! From eBay seller Magnolia’s Vintage.

What is there not to love about this great vintage cardigan? The sweet detailing would be great with any outfit. I love girly stuff that isn’t lacy or pink and this sweet cardi fits the bill perfectly! From eBay seller, finer with age.

Vintage letterman sweater? Yes please! And this is too cute for works. Perfect for a little one names Taylor, or Tom, or Tiffany.  Or Wolfie…  From eBay seller, kjtoys.

Someone needs to make these again because they are adorable. Vintage rubber cowboy rain boots. Nuff said. From eBay seller eegnats.

You know I can’t get enough plaid, but a yellow plaid is particularly wonderful in skirt form. Imagine with little yellow clogs. aah!!!! From Etsy seller, Poppy&Bean.

Bunnies, ruffles, gingham aren’t enough–well then let’s just add a little bow to the bunny. Like they did with this vintage baby outfit.  I’m in love. From our girl, Heather at 3 Ring Circus!

Pumpkin perfect little patchwork jumper.  It just screams fall school days to me. Dontcha think?From Etsy seller,  Ms. Tips!

These vintage toddler stripey mary janes shoesies make me smile just looking at them. Now imagine a sweet snuggly little baby’s chubby foot in it.  Ah, that’s the stuff!  From Etsy seller, Woolly Mammoth Vintage.

This red white and blue elephant romper is killer.  It must be summer somewhere.   From Etsy seller, Fun with Puns.

The days are getting shorter and cooler–which means inside crafts. And Lishyloo has this grand vintage craft book that just looks so good that you better buy it before I do!

Happy Monday, everyone!

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6 Responses

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  1. Amber Liddle says

    I think that ebay seller with the cowboy boots is from Milwaukee or at least has been to the amazing blast from the past store Dretzka’s. The other shoes she has for sale I’ve seen there!! So cute! And yay for the bunny outfit, I got that for baby #2, but I didn’t think Otis would appreciate ruffles, so off to Heather it went. Can’t wait to see it on some cute wee girlie!!

  2. lishyloo @ etsy says

    did i mention how i love modernkiddo? not in the last 5 seconds? i love you.

  3. heather says

    i want those elephant overalls in my size!

  4. Jenny Jay (VintageSugarcube) says

    Miss Dottie,
    Could you and miss Alex PLEASE start another website that’s just like ModernKiddo, but for grown-ups? You 2 have the absolute best taste and I know it would be a major hit. On second thought, I would then be flat broke! xoxo

  5. Dottie says

    Jenny Jay–food for thought, my dearie!

    And how funny Amber, that you gave that sweet bunny outfit to Lish. What can I say–you have spectacular taste!

    Heather–only you could rock those elephant overalls as an adult–because you ARE THAT CUTE!

    And Lish–oh Lishy! That craft book is bananas–you truly rock!

  6. jenny otter says

    does the dress with the kitty come in my size?!

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