The Crazy Target Experience :: Missing Missoni.

So yeah. Not sure if you heard but this little Italian brand debuted yesterday at Target. No? You didn’t hear? HAHAHA. Of COURSE you heard! You and 1000s of other people because ladies and gentlemen, it wasn’t just a sale. It was INSANITY.

I went to my Target (OK, who are we kidding…I went to TWO Targets) to check out the Missoni scene. And I do mean scene. Target opens at 8:00am. I arrived around 9:15am. I was actually a bit embarrassed, thinking, “Sheesh, I’m going so early!”  I eagerly walked inside, anxious to see the prized garments, only to find….

Nothing. There were literally TWO sweaters swaying in the breeze. As I stared at the empty racks I foolishly thought, “Maybe I’m so early they haven’t put anything out yet?” Ah, little Alix. How naive. A woman strolled past me with a cart PILED sky high (chatting loudly on her phone to a friend, “You want baby stuff? They got baby stuff.”) I then realized I was horribly late to the party. I dashed around the store in hopes of finding some straggler items.

Scarves/hats/gloves? NOTHING.
Bedding or dishware? NADA
Purses? Silky scarves? ZILCH!

A lone zig zag tumbleweed rolled on by….

It wasn’t entirely a bust. As I raced around, I scooped up some tights and socks. Found a couple of rogue scarves in the wrong section…..grabbed a pair of the sassy flats. As I circled around , I discovered some people had put things back, so I was able to snap up some knit tunics and tops.

I saw the luggage which was dreamy and actually very well made, but at $149, for a smallish suitcase…I passed.

They had laptop cases and stationary stuff and lots of little girl and baby things (REALLY cute, though pricey).

As I wandered around, I passed several other women, each with only a few items in their cart. We late comers formed a sort of fellowship….chatting about how crazy it was that nearly everything was gone within an hour. Another woman joined us with a semi full cart and we eagerly peered inside as she shared things we never even got a chance to see. (“Oooh, the glass vase! It’s so pretty!”) One woman said that she was at another Target and the women were positively vicious. Another chimed in that someone tried to steal things out of her cart as she tried on a few items. My friend Tracy (aka Shutterbean) texted me that there was a man with FOUR shopping carts filled with Missoni goodies. Now friends, that’s just wrong. What happened to people?

(Yes, Tracy texted me a photo of the FOUR CARTS.)

I was so discouraged by the behavior of some people. If you buy everything because you want to wear it/use it, more power to you. But those people who greedily grabbed EVERYTHING just so they could resell it on eBay? (Hello Four-Cart Meanie, I’m talkin’ to YOU!) Not classy. Not cool.

Missoni Mania was so out of control, the entire Target web site crashed. THE ENTIRE DAY. I am a huge Target fan, but I have to say they didn’t plan for this very well. Not enough product after the HUGE HUGE hype (ads running pretty much EVERYWHERE—print, TV, web, videos!) is kind of a no-no. I also feel like they need to implement some rules to prevent the crazies from grabbing every stinkin’ thang on the rack (say, “you can not purchase more than two of any one item”).

As I chatted with the Sisterhood of the Traveling Zig Zags (my fellow Target shoppers) we discussed how we couldn’t even really enjoy the experience—it was so nutso you just frantically grabbed what you could.

I decided to snag a mess o’ stuff and suss it all out at home. Here is some of what I grabbed from the slim pickin’s. (And I’m not keeping it all, just so ya know!)

This sweater is really thick and soft and well made…..but i’m not really an earth tone person. We’ll see.

I looooooved this. The sleeves and back are really cool, the front is semi sheer. So pretty. But it made my arms look like Popeye. So it’s going back.

Tights and socks? Cute, cute and cute. (The far left is a scarf from the little girl’s department. Not great for snowy days but for fall and our California winter it’ll be perfect!)

Weeeeeee! The flats! The black and white shirt is very fun, but crazy. I am not keeping it, but I think it would look really cute under a jumper or little sweater vest.

This sweater dress is the grooviest fabric and very soft. I’m not sure it looks that cute on me, so we’ll see.

I really love the flats. Super cute. But in my insanity I grabbed a half size too big. Boo!

My mom is awesome. I called her up to tell her about the maddness. Being a fashion plate of the 60s and 70s, she of course knew Missoni and said she’d check out her Target. She called me up while in the store and said that amazingly they had LOADS of things! (Alas, no throw blanket) We had a laugh attack as I basically guided her through the store (“So the suit case…let me know what you think! No, it’s not with the purses, it’s near the sporting goods and menswear. Yeah. Oooh, they have the umbrella? No way!!”) We had a blast virtually shopping together. I’m sending her some of what I found out here, and she has a bunch of things she’s sending me. Including the flats IN MY SIZE! Yay mama!

Soooooo, did you check it out? Was it all gone or did you score some fun goodies? Here’s a hilarious account of the mayhem at one Houston Target.

Oh, and you know, if you run into that dang throw blanket….let me know!

57 thoughts on “The Crazy Target Experience :: Missing Missoni.

  1. I was going to go to Target yesterday for baby food, but I decided to go to the grocery store instead. Boo! Maybe we’ll check it out today after the school run. I can’t imagine anyone in Milwaukee going nutso for Missoni stuff, so maybe there’ll be things left! If I find the throw, I’ll snag it for you 🙂

    I think that is SO funny and sweet about your mom shopping for you! And that sweater dress looks good on you from the pictures, keep it 🙂

  2. RIOT. absolute riot. I had to pop into target this morning i search of a new laptop case and girrrrl I swear to ya- it was like it was just all a dream- I saw 2 bras hanging on an otherwise empty end cap and there was NO EVIDENCE AT ALL, not even the cardboard missoni stands, that it even existed!

    Cracking up at the comments to the Combat Shopping link, O MAH GAH!

    1. That’s so funny, i wrote this post late last night and that was the one thing i forgot to add……as the racks empty, they literally started to remove them covering up the signage and hanging other clothing (or blankets and pillows) in its place. It was like the whole thing was a mirage….like “Oh, there was no Missoni here….you must be mistaken!” haha

  3. There’s certainly a lot on ebay already! And the prices are phenomenal! It’s confirmed that Missoni will not be coming to Target in Australia. On-line auctions would be one of the only ways us Aussies could get our hands on anything from the range. (I’d love a pair of flats!) Unfortunately the behaviour of some of the women in the US shops does stink and the terribly high starting prices on ebay and huge volumes of items already for sale there does raise eyebrows…

    1. Hey Jayne K
      Im a fellow Aussie! i think its redic how much MR I GOT 4 TROLLEYS FULL is charging on e-bay!!! espesh as we know it doesnt cost that much to ship! I was able to snap up only a few things on the website – now the trick! there is a website called Gooping – it redirects mail from the US to Australia – at a fee of course. They give you an address to give target for postage. I got 6 items for $250 but postage was about $100. was only able to justify it as thats still cheaper than a full price missoni piece. But bit of advice for next time. If you get on theres still a few pieces

  4. I think I’m the only one who is not impressed my Missoni. I don’t dig their color combos even though I’m definitely a color person. I just don’t get what the big deal is… 🙁 Thank goodness your mom came through for you, though!!

    1. Oh i know their prints aren’t for everyone. Lots of the stuff was really cool and cute and honestly many things I was thinking “OK, if this WASNT a schmancy lable, would i reeeally like it? I don’t think so.” I put a ton back when I realized it just wasn’t for me!

  5. I scored big with clothing, but opted out of most of the housewares (alas i did not get the throw I wanted either and it is already WAY too expensive on ebay). I found I was putting back a lot of stuff (pillows etc.) because I know I was just crazed in the moment. If it wasn’t missoni I wouldn’t have given a neon pillow a second glance I don’t think, so i really had to reel myself in at the end! 24 hours later I still feel kind of stressed out about it!

    1. I’m the same way. There was a two tier serving platter (like, for cookies and such). I bought one during the Orla Kiely thang and it’s adorable, i love it. I was looking at the Missoni one though and suddenly had the realization that it looked like a Cosby sweater on a plate. Not for me!

  6. Oh, I SO need to get in on the biz when they restock. So I can, as usual, be a day late on fashion. As for not having enough product, I’m reminded of my time as a hostess at the Cheesecake Factory: managers LOVE a line.

  7. Love your play by play Alix! When I arrived at Target in Colma the displays were a ghost town. I did somehow manage to get online and snag some clothes including that super cute cape for my little bean… but not before some items disappeared from my online shopping cart before I could even pay!

  8. I WAS at the Houston mob–It was insanity!! I too lazily went on line at 9am and the site was down–thought I’d cruise to my local houston Target and never imagined that insane mod craziness!

    I was like a vulture too, hanging out by the check out stand waiting for discards, but in the end I left with 2 pairs of socks–boohoo!

  9. That is my goal to go back possibly Saturday midday to see if there are any returned goods or they restocked. But I love the items you found, Alix! I actually got on the Target site today and saw some adorable stuff that I wish I could have snagged. Le sigh!

    I agree with you, Alix, that Target woefully underestimated the amount of goods they put out. I thought they would have learned their lesson a bit from last year’s Liberty of London sale. And I did see some items restocked weeks later, but still not cool, Target. NOT COOL AT ALL.

    But there is NO WAY I’d purchase anything I saw on Ebay just to send a message to those greedy gooses that grabbed everything for Ebay. DISLIKE!

  10. So today has the cutest fuchsia zig zag sweater vest instock (SHOCKER) and I put it in my virtual cart but then I thought about how NOT flattering those zig zags will be stretched across my boobs. I do love that cardigan you bought so if you decide to let it go let me know!

  11. I’m not much of a shopper, but loved reading about your Target adventure. With all the stuff you came away with, can’t imagine what more would have filled your basket if you had gotten there on time.

  12. I am sorry you didn’t get your throw, but MAN! I enjoyed this post!

    Any way you could send the four cart asshat picture to Target corporate along with some ebay links/screen captures and request a policy change. Some concert venues limit the number of tickets sold per person to reduce ticket brokers and scalpers from buying “four carts” worth and fleecing actual fans. The Duran Duran show at the Fillmore a few months ago had a two ticket limit AND required the actual ticket purchaser to be present.

  13. Alix, I loved this post! Too funny.
    I agree about the hoarders… they ruin it for everyone! I had a great experience but I was at a small Target in North Dakota, close to the Canadian border. I was able to see most of the displays full and stocked. This location didn’t get some of the housewares, or towels, but I did in fact manage to get the throw… and there was 3 still there when we left. If I’d known, I would have grabbed you one. 😉

    I’ll take the blue sheer sweater off your hands (i’ll pay you for it!) if you want to ship it to me instead of take it back! 😉

    ps: the sweater dress looks amazing on you!! The colors are so great. Very pretty
    XO holly

    1. I’m jealous you saw it all! I didn’t even want to BUY it all, i just wanted the opportunity to browse, and look at…..hem and haw, “Gee do I really want this?” But sadly that opportunity was taken from us by all the hoarders! Waaah. And ARGH so jealous you got the throw….or actually even SAW the throw! haha

  14. My small town Target was practically empty and fully stocked that morning, I feel lucky! I got the same blue sweater dress- I was surprised that was one of my favorite items after seeing it all in person. I scored four towels, as well, they were cheap ($12,99) and bright colored- more for the beach than the bath, though. My store only got 8 towels- I had to wait for them to put up that section- so I wonder how much of the run was because of small inventories. The staff told me the bedding was going out next week and more stock in other departments was expected.

    I admit to hoarding, but for the dressing room only- I grabbed two of each item I semi-liked and rushed back to try them on, but quickly put them back if they didn’t fit or I didn’t like them.

    Boooo to the people wanting to resell. I agree with a limit on the special items like this- I would have been happy to abide by a rule like that.

  15. i’m laughing my butt off. I wish you had called me! I forgot it was yesterday until it was too late and ended up wandering around H&M in a funk. I bet the Bayou targets still have stuff. I’m going to get my mom on the case. All I want is some tights and a scarf (but I will say, I’m pushing a nine these days in shoes, lady!).

  16. omg, that was the funniest post… i wondered how your shopping was going to go …i admit that i stayed up until midnight thinking that at 12:01 it would be 9/13 and i would do some shopping, but alas, no…so after checking in the morning i was met with the “oops sorry…our site crashed” so i ran , well drove, the dogs to the groomers, and thought, what the heck, i’ll stop by target on the way home, sort in pajamas and NO face on…it was 8:30, it was too late! ladies with 2 and 3 carts filled to the brim, “oh, i’m shopping for my friends… ” yeah, right.. but i did get a few items that i really wanted, except that black and white sweater coat.. dang! oh, and i too grab shoes 1/2 size too big, but gonna make’m work… CRAZY!

    1. haha we can start the “Half Size Too Big” club! I’m glad you scored some goodies.
      Two-three carts is LAME. I mean honestly. Sure I admit I scooped up what I could….but CARTFULS? It’s really not THAT fab.
      Leave some for others! I love reading everyone’s experiences…..haha

  17. I just wrote a post about this last night! I was just shocked to find all of the shelves empty in the Novato Target. I am so sickened by the people (especially that guy with four carts) that just piled it into carts just to sell on eBay. I feel like they ruined the fun of this designer line being available to everyone. Love the dress on you – KEEP it! I was finally able to get through on the website to purchase the long black maxi skirt and the heels (even though I really wanted the flats).

  18. I didn’t go till 10:45, but there were still things left – just never in the size I wanted LOL. But like you, I grabbed a couple extra things and now I’m hemming and hawing and debating and but but butting at home trying to decide what to keep and what to return!!! Because honestly, $55 for a dress at Tar-jay? I suddenly spent a couple hundred dollars. Not my usual shopping style at all.
    I was saying on Twitter – everyone was Drinking the Koolaid. And like someone said above, I was still all aflutter 24 hours later. Man, caveman hunting instinct runs strong through our veins.
    And I’m still thinking of going back and hunting around for a dress for Birdie that I didn’t get. But then I remember it was $40, which breaks all my budget rules for my 2 year old.

    1. Mari–I think I’m cool with spending $55 on a dress if I totally love it, but I agree on the kiddo stuff being kinda overpriced. Super cute, but that money, I’d rather invest in a dress from Tea Collection or Polarn O Pyret to be honest. And some of the colors of the kiddo stuff seemed a bit more adult–brown and beige for a little girls dress? Hmmm….

  19. on no I actually had a throw in my hands that I walked around the store with deciding if I wanted to be part of the madness. It was a rush. I also grabbed the only pair of gloves and a scarf for my daughter. I ended up leaving without the throw sorry. I couldnt take the shppers high

  20. Hi! Hilarious post… I contemplated packing up my poor target hating kiddies yesterday to try to check it out, but luckily had the good judgement not to subject them to the asshattery (?) of the colma store… Other than the fabulous vases, all I really wanted was the fantastic earth toned cardigan you got…. Want to pass it along to a fellow sf momma?

  21. Hi Alix,
    First of ur blogs iv ever read and ABSOLUTELY LOVE!!!!
    I am one of those missoni crazed fans – as I love the print and have since a kid (think it has something to do with my grandparents zig zag red carpet that looks as it was layed in the 70s – but stayed as missoni brought it back in fashion!!!)
    I am one of the AUSTRALIANs who only got to look online and was desperate for stuff. Though found a loop hole – as Target US only ships to the US I was able to get a mail redirecting service through gooping – but im now paying over $100 to get $250 worth of goods shipped.
    Though this had to be done with super speed and I bought what was available that I would find wearable as I dont have the return luxury. I was aching for the skirt and the cardi that you got and my sister was in tears that she couldnt get the flats – in 8.5
    Thought I would take the ebay route but MR SO NOT COOL 4 CARTS wants ridic prices that I cant justify – not just that, they are charging approx 1.5 times the price of the item – plus over the top (like $40) shipping costs – and it hurts to know that they are slugging for postage!
    If your gonna give up your sweater or flats Im more than happy to buy them off you and you can even make a profit on them 🙂

  22. i was really jealous of you girls getting this stuff at target since we aren’t getting it here in australia but yesterday, reading all the tweets from people trying to buy stuff i was kinda relieved it wasn’t here after all. i just know i would’ve been down at my local target super early, blowing money on stripey shiz just because i was swept up in the craziness of it all.
    also i think that blue sweater looks totally cute on you- you should keep it!

  23. That was very entertaining. I went to my first target of the day at 8.30 that morning and eventually visited 7 different targets, and made 2 trips to 3 of them. So all in all I made 10 visits to target that day. I should have bought everything I wanted at first and then returned things eventually because now I regret not getting everything I could! I just started shopping and this frenzy came over me when everyone was shopping like crazy! The kitchenware was definitely my favorite! If anyone wants to get rid of any, I would love to buy it off you!! Btw, all my friends think I’m crazy because I am so obsessed!

  24. Loved your post, and I was one of those waaaay late folks. Not a thread to be found. Thought the same as you: oh, it’s not out yet. Uh, no. I got a measly pair o’ socks. Supposedly this weekend they could be restocking a store in San Diego. They said the limited edition promotion runs through 10/22, so they may restock … some. Fingers crossed into a little zig zag hoping!!! P.S. Love your Ma for getting you the shoes. Very sweet.

  25. Anyone interested in trading? Ihave a shower curtain, clutch, girls skirt and pillow I want to return. Would really like the long earth tone cardigan and towels. Agree that they should have limited purchases or changed their logo to Design for Some. The serramonte target was insanity.

  26. The 4 cart guy will just bring his whole family next time. I don’t believe limits will help much. I got a lot of stuff online at about 3am the following morning. Mostly it was online only stuff. I bought everything I wanted, and will return what I decide against. As far as waiting for store returns, good luck. I saw an ebay post today from a Target employee who grabbed the return item to list on ebay. I don’t know how much will make it back to the shelves. I am still waiting on a few items to arrive, which are the ones I most wanted. I lost several items out of my cart as I shopped. If I don’t get the last few things, the whole heap will be returned and I’ll shop elsewhere this holiday season. I’m glad I didn’t wait in line – pushy crowds are too much for me.

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