The most explosive 70s magazine!

When I was a kid, there was nothing amazing than Dynamite Magazine! All the cool kids had a copy in their lockers squished between the pages of their Social Studies book, which was wrapped in a a brown paper bag.  Although the magazine was published between 1974 to 1992 to me they had their best covers from 1978 to 1982. Pure awesomeness.

The covers of Dynamite magazine read like a totally random Who’s Who of the late seventies/early eighties. Like these:

And don’t forget about Shields and Yarnell. It’s SHIELDS and YARNELL!!!

But Dynamite Magazine wasn’t only about the covers.  Inside those shiny front pages were so sweet goodies, like magic tricks from MAGIC WANDA!

And amazing comic puzzles that were WAY cooler than the Daily Jumble!

And don’t forget about Bummers–the write in column where kids could send in their “bummers”. If a kid’s “bummer” of a story was used, they would get $5–sweet! Oh, to have those bummers instead of dealing with traffic or mortgage rates. Sigh!

Every now and then I spy that signature rainbow cursive logo at an estate sale or Flea Market and I can’t help but smile.

Did you read Dynamite Magazine? Do you remember any specific cover?  Were you lucky enough to actually SUBSCRIBE TO IT? Sigh…

16 thoughts on “The most explosive 70s magazine!

    1. hahah! I remember totally sympathizing with the kids who had the Bummers, but reading them as an adult makes me think those kids were making them up! Hmmm…

    1. I love the idea of you reading as soon as you got it! Like you couldn’t even bring it inside, you were so excited to get it.

      That reminds me of how exciting mail was when you were a kid. Like FREAKING EXCITING!

  1. Uh, yeah…there were whole parts that we read over and over and could quote, and we had a Dynamite Club (just we sisters…there were 4 of us)! Thanks for the jog down memory lane.

  2. Oh geez, I was OBSESSED with Dynamite. Do you remember that instagram pic of my old office? The wall was covered with my DYNAMITES! WHoo hoo!! I love that it had the hip celebs on the cover, and a cool interview…but it wasn’t TIger Beat or pin up photos. It had cool kid appropriate articles and games.

    The big scandal in my 5th grade class was that me, Jenny Kells and Debbie Brandt got “gift subscriptions” to Bananas magazine from someone who signed, “Your Favorite Boy”. We never found out who it was!!!! haha. Do you remember Bananas? It was Dynamite for the slightly older set.

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