Weebles Wobble But They Don’t Fall Down.

On Christmas day, the Peach was given by my brother—Weebles!

Everyone (well, the six different adults who stopped by) who saw them said the same thing:


My brother sent them to me because he remembered me playing with them something fierce when I was a little girl. And my mother said she liked them because they were easy to clean.  I hadn’t thought about them until I saw little Miss Peach open them and immediately started playing with them.

According to the Website, Weeble-Wobble, the first Weeble toys appeared in the early 1970s as a kind of punching clown style body from Romper Room.  Weebles are supposed to be miniature versions of those bop bag punching things.  And then Disney got into it and started making the specialized Weebles based on their popular cartoon characters.

The original line-up comprised the father who wore a red shirt or a blue sweater, a blond mother with a green dress a little boy wearing blue jeans and a white t-shirt, a red-haired little girl wearing green trousers a pink baby holding a blue balloon and a brown dog.  But I dig the scuba diver fellow on the end quite a bit!

Ohh look at the sweet seventies Western shirt this one has and the lovely sprig of flowers.

But those clever folks at Romper Room knew that these sassy little toys needed their own pad, so they created a few years later the Weebles treehouse.

And was then followed by all these other cool places for the Weebles to chill like this submarine and the sweet line of Weebicles.

Or you could go with the oh so spooky  haunted house. I like the little witchy poo weeble.

What were the big hits under your childhood Christmas tree?

1. Monimania. 2. m kashahara. 3. MeganDavid. 4. The Shifted Librarian. 5. jaebn.  6. deepthirteen. 7,8,9 Plaid Stallions.

9 thoughts on “Weebles Wobble But They Don’t Fall Down.

  1. Weeble Wobbles! Oh, I loved those when I was a kid. I remember us having the cars, but I didn’t even know they had houses. I’m sure my mother hid that from us given that we had to have every single Barbie house ever to hit the shelves of a toy store.

  2. YES!!!!! Oh i’m so jealous!!! I totally wanted Weebles for Wolfie when he was little and the Haunted House sprung to mind. That thing goes for major bucks on ebay and then somehow I never got it together. I bet Georgia is going to love those! So cool!
    When I was little I coveted the tree house like crazy….but the submarine is a new discovery for me!! I love this!!!

    I’m now totally singing, “Weebles Wobble But they Don’t Fall Down….”

  3. I had an old coworker with the last name “Weibel” and we always sang that song, I couldn’t NOT get it in my head. And I’m head over heels for that haunted house – never saw that one before! What a perfect Xmas gift.

  4. The haunted house was perhaps my all time favorite toy–it’s only rival being the Fisher Price castle. I wish I had never parted with it. It was a great Christmas present–the bookcase that swung around and had the funhouse mirror on the other side was especially awesome.
    – Tyler Tichelaar

  5. What great memories!!

    I remember my dad bought me the basic family, the submarine and the passenger plane (can`t remember if it was the jet or the one with props). Thank you for this, you brought a tear to my eye!

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